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Whatever to pay by my design Web

Whatever to pay by my design Web?

I always am with people who ask to us which is the right price of the design of a Web. It is as asking that you say which is the right price of a house. Then because it depends on many factors, no? Then exactly the same happens to the design Web.

The subject is, that as much clients as professional they often feel that the price is not just. And the problem normally comes by a lack of understanding between both in which it is the price of the design Web. Many designers feel frustrated with the subject of the prices and the clients, and many of the clients in himself nor know what they want nor reason why they are paying. What to many clients it happens to them is just like to anyone when fodder in changing the house decoration, I have an idea in the head than I would like, but nor idea of how transferring my hungry idea. And still less idea of how long or money it can cost to do it if contract to another person.

We try to as much give an answer of the right price to clients as to designers, so that the abyss that separates both perceptions narrows a little and both know how much to pay by the design of a website.

Criteria To consider To fix the Price of Diseño Web

As it commented at the outset, before being able to fix the price don't mention it is necessary to know many conditions. In the case of the house, if it is a house or a study, if it is in a residential zone or a shack, if it has humidities or perfectly it is furnished. So before we begin to speak of prices, we are going to see all the criteria that we would have to consider before not even beginning to determine a number to our mind.

Group or Web to size

The first criterion to consider is if we are going to realise the Web with a group (as nuetros packs-Web, Stores Online) or are going to want a design to size done from zero. This changes the price to abysmal level. If a design becomes Web from a group, 50% of the work are done:

  • We already have the design
  • It is already all the done structure
  • It is necessary to transfer the contents
  • To modify group adapted to the client

Here what he happens is that if as client says to me that the price is quintupled if I make a design of zero that if it buys a group, because as client I am going to say that I want the group. Up to here fantastic. Where come does the problem? Since the client does not have nor idea of how much the group costs in terms of time/knowledge modifying. So the client comes and she says to you: “he looks, this column, better do it narrower and here he adds to this and the other?. To the client it seems to him that it is as easy as to change the size of source of a Word document. The designer begins to feel as the blood boils to him and on the inside it is thinking “the client this, really thinks that by the price that has phelp by this Web I am going to do all that to him?. And we already have the mounted mess.

So, to avoid these bad ones understood, it is the work of the designer Web to make understand him to the client which enters and what not before beginning nothing.


  • Client:… too expensive, better a group and we modified it a little
  • Professional: Perfect. Exactly what modifications you want?
  • Client:Then I do not know, we see it on the march
  • Professional: I pass three detailed budgets to you so that you see what enters each. (this would correspond to different packs or possible extension ‘mant. Web’)
  • Client:And why three estimated prices/?
  • Professional: Then so that bad he has not understood, since there are things that at visual level can seem very simple, but at technical level they are not it as much and they have another price.
  • Client: Ah, wonderful. Gracias

So, advice for both, clients and professionals: not to give anything by known. The way in which the professional and the client see the design Web is completely different, just as as it sees a father or an adolescent son who goes out at night by a dangerous district. To leave your shoes and to see it from the point of view of the other will save to you more than a discussion and headache.

Dimensions of the project

He is not the same to create a Web of a single page that to create the corporative Web of a great multinational in multiple languages. So the following criterion to consider at the time of valuing the price of a project is the dimensions of the project. This can be translated in thousand things:

  • Number of pages
  • Total of forms
  • Programming backend (manager Web) to cause that everything works (a thing is the line of vision, and another one the code that is executed behind, for example for websites with data bases)
  • Complexity of the design
  • Number of views in design Web responsive (he is not the same to make three jumps that five or for different devices)

As clients we have ourselves to raise what is exactly what we try with our website, as professional is our work to advise to fit to the maximum the dimensions of the project to the real needs of the client. And here the ethics enters much game on the part of both:

  • Professional. At the time of advising, he would not have to be thinking about how more things can connect him to remove thus more money. This can give short term benefits, but long term its reputation will be damaged, and more in a world interconnected without borders.
  • Client. At the time of wanting to negotiate a price, he would not have to want to remove duros well to four pesetas, because that to him also it likes that they value his work. If he does and he obtains it, in the long run he will leave losing, because the professional will feel abused and lower his yield.

We are honest once and for all: we are people and we move by emotions. If somebody falls to me bad I will not work just as if it falls to me well. If I feel that they abuse my work, I will lower my yield. If I feel that the price is excessive, I will spend the day having given through coat and complaining to me. So, before signing nothing, you are professional or you are client, they ten very clearly if the dimensions of the project adjust to your expectations on the basis of which the other part hopes.

Number of allowed changes

Normally the Webs once finalized, we make a small associated maintenance him to be able to realise small modifications, these if they are within the later months to the creation of the Web, we did not receive them as maintenance but as detail with our clients.

That if passed a time we offer our contracts of maintenance and support Web, with its corresponding cost, because always we want to make changes in our Web, following the example of before, is as if 1 year later flames to your plumber so that it installs a new washbasin to you and you try that it does not receive you by the work, because since it did the bathroom to you 1 year ago…

This always is a subject where the client and the professional must look for a point common.

Thus we worked

The design of ours packs is oriented to the SMEs, and is based on groups, following the chosen pack will have basic groups/micron, standard, Premium or Premium+, each of better quality respectively, associated to the pack goes the possibility of making changes and personalisations, evidently with each pack superior are but personalizable that the previous one and has characteristic majors.

We think that with packs that we offer we covered the needs as far as Web with any SME, but anyway we as designers Web who we are, adapted to the needs of the client and we listened to it and we advised so that their stay in the digital world but is adapted to their needs and requirements.

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