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The 200 factors that Google considers to position your page

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200 keys that google uses to position your Web

If you like the SEO or you have a blog that you want to elevate to the first positions the today post is one of that you cannot be lost. In him we will try to develop an article of reference at the time of valuing the different factors from the algorithm of Google and their impact in the deep world of the SEO. This entrance is based on the computer graphics of Search Engine Journal Google's 200 ranking factors and the post of Brian Dean with the complete description of the factors:

1. Age of the domain

The age of the domain is a factor that is considered by Google at the time of evaluating the force of a Web, but attention, is not an extremely important factor. In words of own Matt Cutts this is not considered but either significantly: “The difference between to domain that's six months old you turn one to year old is really not that big AT all?.

2. Keyword in the domain name

One of the most excellent factors at the time of harnessing the positioning of a keyword in particular. Although Google says that no longer it is what era more and more is verified (among others things we have the example of the blog of Alex Regalosoriginales 24 with a mixture of key words and linkbuilding) that the domains with exact keywords have an extra of enormous force at the time of positioning itself in Google. At least to day of today.

3. The keyword as first element of the domain

This case we entered to spin a little finer within the domains. This factor makes reference to that, according to data of MOZ audited in 2011, they have major preference at the time of positioning the pages that begin with the keyword in the domain that other that includes the keyword in means or in the end. Thus for example following the previous example the domain is better facing the SEO: RegalosOriginales24 that for example 24RegalosOriginales. This point I also consider that she influences in the URL of the post individual.

4. The duration of the time of registry of the domain

Apparently (and this is something that although it suspected it did not know clearly until the today post) Google contributes to a greater relevance/confidence to the domains that have been registered for more than a year. Since according to them, “the pages that are used to rarely make Spam and another type of questionable practices are registered for more than a year, therefore the time of registry is a metric one that we consider?.

5. Keyword in subdomain

Once again keywords continues giving war there through where they happen… The subdomains of a page that begin with the keyword will have many more options to position this word in the finders. For example if we have the page: Quondos would be the central domain and for example the subdomain (in case thus it had been formed).

 6. File of the domain

If you acquire a domain that has been very “volatile? that is to say, that it has changed of hands constantly, you can tell him to Google that deprives of authority previous links that affect negatively to the positioning (by means of herramients as Disavow) but are possible that this is considered long term by the finder. More surely (although not always the best thing) it is to start off of a new domain.

7. Exact Domain Match

We can define them as the names of domain with or the exact keywords within this one. The explanation that gives Google us is that if your site is of quality “still help something, but on the contrary it is not of quality is very probable that in the future you have problems with this page?. The reality: they do not help something, help very many in the positioning SEO of a concrete key. Having sites of a quite mediocre quality they even contribute a tremendous force to the key words that are… the question inside is… even when? (I just in case this year already I have registered a few EMD).

8. Public WHOIS VERSUS private WHOIS

To Google it likes that your WHOIS is public and that any person can have access to your personal data as domain recorder if outside necessary, since she understands that the people who form their WHOIS so that he is private and they do not show data is so that they have something to hide… mmm spammers or simply discreet people?

9. WHOIS of person who has realised Spam

In this Google point it clarifies us that if in the past has detected a person whose pages or websites have been penalized by spammer and its WHOIS can be raked in the future the sites that register again to their name will be in the front sight and will be reviewed. If you pay attention, in this Google point apparently it is not put in a so hard paper and it only declares that the sites will be examined, not that are going to return to be considered Spam by defect.

10. The extension of the domain for the country

The extension counts. If you want to position a blog for Spain the best thing will be than you register a domain in the same way “.es? if for example you want to sell products in Brazil you must have a name of the type “ and so on?. The extension of domain helps to position for the country of the extension, being .com the universal domain (.com of commercial) for all of them.

11. Keyword in the label title

The keyword in the title of the page is considerdo as one of the factors of more relevance on page in terms of SEO in addition to the own content of the page in itself. It is fundamental that your Webs well are titled with the main keyword for which you want that they find your visits you and to analyze this we have so simple at the same time as useful tools as Keyword Planner de Google Adwords.

12. Label title that begins by a keyword

Once again we return to the same. The title can be only the keyword or on the contrary it can be a phrase of the style Long Tail. If the label title is of the second type those pages will have preference whose titles begin by keyword. For example, it is easier that it positions the word “spinach? if the configuration of my URL is: “spinach-that-they are? to that if is for example thus: “that-be-the-spinach? (although second it sounds more natural).

13. Keyword within the label “description?

The keyword within the description is not excellent in terms of Seo On Page positioning since the only mission of the description is to show the readers in the SERPs which it deals with a certain article. Despite the optimization of this section it is extremely important, mainly through what is called called to the action.

14. The keyword that appears in the H1

One of the points, along with the one of the Title label of greater relevance. Google is not fortune teller, and firstly recognizes the main argument of our contents through the Title label and next it uses the H1 of the individual pages to determine the subject treated in each about them. Taken care of Much with the H1 of your articles!

15. Used keyword most frequently

Within a text the importance of the key words to a large extent comes determined by the number of times (in addition to the location) that appears the same. To repeat one keyword during the text is a notoriety signal than Google considers, but eye! it is necessary to have much taken care of with not abusing, since you could incur keyword stuffing (technical very used in a past, where they repetian one over and over again to us keyword and in addition in bold).

16. The length of texts

A content with more words to equality of conditions has more preference at the time of positioning since among others things are able to include majors levels of keywords and an enriched semantics than a short content. On the other hand the contents with a greater extension (as long as they are worked) usually are perceived as of greater quality than a text of 200 words and this repels in other factors that later as well have an indirect repercussion in the SEO, as for example the mentions in social networks.

17. Density of keyword

In spite of which many think, the density of the keyword in a post is not one of the most excellent factors at the time of positioning one keyword or that is at least what Google says. Although it is certain that in the past it was a parameter with more relevance and than even has something of value is not something reason why you would be due to worry in excess.

18. The force of the semantic content

The semantic content is more and more one of the points more valued by Google at the time of being able to deduce the meaning of a post and its main key words. In this way if I speak of “Cat? the semantic set would have to lead without problems to the finder that is to say that I talk about to a pet and not for example to the tool that we used for levatar the car if a wheel is punctured to us… From him time of the Hummingbird the semantics this fashionable one.

19. Semantic key words in title and description

The use of contextual and synonymous keywords or keywords to each other in fields as the title and the description help Google to understand the relevance of one keyword and to discern between two synonymous ones. We see an example to understand it better. Case to I will use keywords: cat, races, pussycat, kitten and feline in title and description (mainly in description). Case b I will use keywords: cat, races, species, types, subspecies. In the case to we indicated to him to Google that the strong key is cats and in the case b that the key is races or races of cats.

20. Speed of load of the page

Another one of the excellent factors that the finder at the time of rankear a Web uses. The code would have to be optimized. To smaller time of better load it repels vice versa in our contents with respect to the positioning and.

21. Content duplicated in page

The duplicated content is a had negative factor in account by the web search engines at the time of rankear a post. All we have something of content duplicated in our blogs in WordPress or Blogger and in a small and logical proportion is inoffensive. One of the best ways to detect it is through the tools for Webmaster de Google or of software screaming frog.

22. Rel = canonical

When it is used correctly is a good form to prevent the duplicated content since through these parameters we can indicate to him to Google as are the contents that must consider. My advice on the matter is that if you do not have some advanced knowledge you do not worry much about this point. Unless you do rare things you would not have to make lack.

23. Speed of load of the page via Chrome

Google also is able to use the data of user via its own navigator to obtain one better estimation of the time of load of your page. A good advice to try to reduce the times of load is periodically to verify it by means of tools as GTMetrix, Pingdom or Page Speed of own Google.

24. Optimization of images

To maintain the optimized images of your page is fundamental as positioning factor. Something that mainly is marked in the first months of a blog, when in many occasions a great part of the traffic which we received can be caused by the good positioning of an image in particular. To write a text alt and a title is totally necessary, in addition you will help to give tracks of the general content of the article.

25. Updates of constant content

From the appearance of Google Caffeine one of the factors that evaluates Google at the time of determining the importance of a page is the constant update of contents. And mainly if there is something it likes more than the constant creation of new contents is the creation of contents that responds as well to new searches and tendencies in real time. To the purest style of newspapers, to Google it likes that your page contributes present and recent information to the internauts.

26. Magnitude of the update of the content

According to Google the amount of text that we modify to the contents already indexed also counts in terms of positioning. That is to say, if I send a post on “as to make money with a blog? tomorrow and within a month I add 2,500 to him words plus this will be a signal of weight that will finish conforming a piece of content greater than buscaodr will have to index again, which repels in a positioning normally improved.

27. Historical update of a page in particular

Apparently (and this it has drawn me enough attention for good) Google considers the freshness of a page in function to the number of updates that receives and whatever more better. We put an example once again to understand it well. We suppose that you have a marketing blog and one of your eyelashes is a called section something as well as “dictionary online “. Then if you maintain the same terms and the page is invariable during years does not position much more, if nevertheless continuous periodically adding to terms the positioning SEO of that concrete page it continues improving.

28. Predominant key words

He is excellent to have the word or key words between the first 100 words of the text (which could come to be equivalent to a small paragraph) since in this way we are saying to him to Google which they are excellent for the general understanding of the article.

29. Key words in H2, H3 and Tags

Another signal of excellent identity for the SEO that we know all. The inclusion of the key words in subtitles as the H2 and in some labels (using mainly synonymous) are a good indicator for Google about the relevance of tal o cual keyword. Ten in account once again no that there is to go and that keyword would not have either to appear in all the H2.

 30. The order of the keywords is excellent

The order of the keywords matters. An exact coincidence between the content of a page and the words looked for through finder causes that a content has more probabilities of appearing in the first results. Thus for example, if you have a blog of the motor is easier to catch more traffic through the secuancia “to buy car? that of “car to buy?, therefore it will interest to you to orient your contents more facing the first example.

31. Outbound Quality Link or connections of quality

Briefly one talks about to secure tight bonds and of quality pages that aim at ours. In the era Penguin post more and more it has major relevance few good connections but, that an amount lifted of mediocre them but. It tries to obtain a balance between the connections that you receive and to the different parts from your page that aim.

32. Outbound Link Quality Theme or related connections of quality

Google is able to discern the meaning and mainly the relevance and nature of a subject based on the pages that you connect or connect to you. For example, if you have a blog of dinosaurs and you connect to animated cartoon films Google will understand that your blog is nearer the infantile leisure that to paleontology.

33. A correct grammar

The use of a correct writing is a good signal for Google and is one of the rumored landlords more of than it influences in the positioning SEO. However, in 2011 Matt Cutts it gave an ambiguous message on the matter (That rare? With I am transparent it that they are always from Google)

34. Syndicated content

Another one of funtes important that they help to that your contents in the long run position better is through the syndication of contents by means of the use of Google+ the social network of own the Google with which we can verify our responsibility on the same.

35. Useful complementary content

According to some filtered documents the complementary contained call useful (or in English “helpful supplementary content?) is enough of utility at the time of positioning a page. By useful complementary content as peculiar things can be understood as converters of currencies or a calculator of loans online. In the individual I suspect that the Sliders calls are also helpful for positioning since Google somehow understands that we are contributing contained enriched, despite I even must investigate on this last point.

36. Number of incoming connections Do Follow

A too much lifted number of incoming connections Do sufficiently great Follow as to leave to the connections follow in almost a 0% it is not detrimental for your Web. It must have a balance, where logically the Do Follow are majority but always in the presence of the nonFollow. A simple practice to obtain to connections follow is not to comment in other blogs of you yourself niche.

37. Content multimedia

To Google the text enchants to him, despite a great way to enrich the content of a page and to do it positionable more is to introduce other formats of content as the mentioned content multimedia based on video. In addition an advantage to use video is that the SERPs have a hollow in their part superior only reserved for the videos of Youtube and in many occasions is empty ()

38. Number of internal liaisons in a single direction

An internal way to favor the positioning of a certain content is to cause that many internal liaisons of our own page aim towards that article at issue. In this way we sent signals to him to Google that content is more excellent.

39. The authority of the pages with internal liaisons

This factor is a shade of the previous one. All the pages within you yourself blog do not have the same force since this depends on other factors as of the times in which the articles have been shared in social networks etc. Therefore an internal liaison is not the same from a post with PA (Page Authority) 1 that from a post with PA 12. Ten in whichever this at the time of forming your linkbuilding internal.

40. Broken connections

To have a high number of broken connections is a signal for Google that your blog has been left, since is sending connections towards pages that normally for a long time have been stopping existing. For it is good for watching this type of connections and for retiring them as rapidly as possible.

41. Level of reading

Apparently (and this is something that did not know) Google considers the level of difficulty of our texts in function to the treated matter at issue. In fact what it does is an estimation of the level of reading of our page, that very to groso way can be subdivided in basic, intermediate and outpost. What does later with that information has not occurred to reveal although thinks that has repercussion on the positioning SEO those pages oriented to a basic content to respond to the masses of population about a certain subject (“to write for dummies?).

42. Connections of affiliates

A small amount of connections of affiliates will not make damage to your page in the ranking of Google, despite an excessive amount, mainly in function to the content shortage it can get to be detrimental to send signals to him to the web search engine that you are a page that only wants to make money and not to contribute anything to Internet.

43. Errors HTML

It is necessary to have much taken care of with errors HTML of our pages, although when using CMS as WordPress this is more difficult than it appears.

44. Authority of hosting of the domain

Without a doubt one of the points that have drawn me attention more. In equality of conditions between two pages it will have more authority the lodged ones in host with more force. This example of a fiscal Web of consultant's office is the one of a page that increase in good amount its level of monthly traffic after transferring gratuitous his hosting to a plan of quality of Webempresa.

45. Page Rank

Every day is a had factor less in account since Google updates it with a decreasing frequency. Despite usually it exists a correlation that it indicates that the sites better positioned generally are also those that have major PR. And speaking indeed of this, I am useful that it leaves the subject to indicate that one of the conclusions that I have extracted as a result of the last update of the PR is that linkbuilding is not a decisive factor at the time of increasing it…

46. The length of the URL

A too much lifted length of URL can harm the positioning of keyword contained within the same. Something similar to which it happens with the titles, that although they would not have to be as short as a single word (more than nothing not to beat to us with a too hard competition) either would have to exceed a certain number of characters.

47. Route of the URL

A page near the beginning page can obtain a slight impulse of authority. It remembers that of all your blog your page home by general norm always is strongest since the majority of the incoming connections name brand usually aims towards her.

48. Human publishers

Although he has never been confirmed Google he has patented a system where he allows himself human publishers to influence in the results of the SERPs. Next the Quality raters?

49. Category of the page

A categorisen good page signals to Google consistent to him about that it treats his content, therefore makes an effort to you in doing that the categories of your blog esten correctly being useful and focuses the content.

50. WordPress Tags

The labels of our panel of WordPress are a key factor at the time of marking to the relevance of some keyword in particular. In words of the own Yoast “the only way it improves your SEO is sees relating one piece of content to another, and dwells especifically to group of posts to each to other?, which means something as well as that the only way to improve your SEO is to relate a content fragment to another one and this is obtained through the grouping of contents in labels.

51. Keyword in URL

Another one of the factors nails at the time of positioning. Although the EMD are stronger, in my opinion a combination of only one keyword in the URL combined with name name brand is the best election.

52. Urls chained

He is another one of the factors that they indicate to him to Google about that thematic it deals a certain site with the consequent advances in positioning for that niche that this can entail. So that you become an idea, an example of Urls chained can be the following one: > home books > ebooks

53. To mention reference pages

Your positioning is useful SEO to mention and to list in your articles by means of salient connections those sources of authority that or are excellent to the eyes of Google and which or they comprise of your niche. The ideal is to go a little beyond the Wikipedia (source that by defect comes at the time of thinking to us at the top about a page of authority to which to connect) and search contents of our same sector.

55. Lists and galleries of images

Apparently, it is important to also contribute to the post in addition to the typical text content another type of contents a little more enriched as for example ready (“the 10 bloggers that I more like to read?, “101 gifts for these Christmases?) and photographic galleries to give greater relevance to a determined content.

56. The importance of a Sitemap.xml

One of the factors that influence more in a fast and better indexing of our contents is the inclusion of a Sitemap for our page. In WordPress we have it very easy and will be enough with adding plugins as Google Xml Sitemap. In this way we will warn to him the finder whenever there is a new content in our Web and the spiders can track it of a more effective way.

57. Too many salient connections

To have a too high amount of salient connections in your page, for example in sites as the Home Page, is not something optimal facing the positioning of the page. The salient connections must be used with care, since an excessive excess can make to your page lose force in the web search engines.

58. Rankea amount of key words for which your page

If you have a blog the normal thing is that throughout the time you are able to be positioning to you for several key words, therefore to keywords you are more able to rankear in the most natural SERPs will see the content of your page and this Google is something that it considers. In my opinion this point talks about to that for example, the typical oriented blogs only to 1 or 2 key words at the most with the only objective to operate a micro niche and to mint it are not pages good seen by Google.

59. The age of the page

It is a factor considered, but in addition to this convina with the contribution of constant fresh content Google considers it still more. The mixture of both two is very powerful in terms of positioning: “pages with prolonged age that send fresh contents constantly “.

60 Pages: “to user friendly layout?

The literal transcription of the English would be: “Pages of design of easy use “. With this Google one talks about to the pages with a clean and oriented design to usario. The Webs that satisfy this requirement will be better views by the finder.

61. Parked domains

One of the factors that Google introduced in an update of 2011 is that diminishes the visibility of the parked domains whose pages do not have any type of movement. (It seems to Me that I am going to have to begin to take enserio me some from my sleepy blogs…)

62. Content of value and unique ideas

Google has gotten to declare that it is to the hunting of those Webs that do not contribute absolutely anything new nor of value to the users, especially in the case of pages of affiliates.

63. Pon a page of “Contact? in your blog already!

Google has in whatever of positive way those Webs that have a contact page. And in addition to this, a peculiar data is that it even sees with better eyes those pages in which the data of contact with the data of the WHOIS agree. There he is nothing…

64. Domains of confidence

To greater number of backlinks aiming at your main domain (that is to say, your Home page) greater relevance will take your domain (GIVES) and this is something seen the eyes of Google well, although they ten well-taken care of with not happening to you since an excess of connections aiming at the Home page only can be penalized by Penguin.

65. Architecture of the website

An organized good page as far as its structure is something valued by Google. Once again in this point by means of CMS as WordPress or the own Blogger this task we have it easy. Perhaps it is a factor that goes something more directed to those people who contruyen with code the totality of their Webs from 0.

66. Frequency of update

One of the factors of greater relevance. The constant update of content is extremely useful so that Google sees our site as a Web “with life?.

67. The number of pages of your Web

The amount of pages of your Web is a factor of slight relevance but that is considered by Google. With different pages we talked about to the number of Urls. Thus for example if you have a blog with 12 articles and one Home page your blog will have a total of 13 pages. Also a useful one had in account by Google is metric to try to discern between the pages of affiliates that do not contribute value and in addition are small.

68. Internal liaison net in the structure pages

It is important for the SEO of your site that the pages that they form the central structure of your Web are connected internally to each other. For example between the Home page and “on my?. And between “on my? and “it works with me?. You need one structures related, as much of connections as of content.

69. Time of activity “on?

With this we talked about to the falls of the servant, that would have to be minimum since a fall prolonged in the time can even cause that some of your results are desindexen. Hosting stable that it does not have falls of long term servant can have a positive effect in your positioning SEO.

70. Location of the servant

The location of the servant can mainly be a factor of slight relevance at the time of showing contents that need a certain geolocalización. We are going to show an ideal case: your servant is located in Spain and your Web faces the search “better restaurants in Spain?.

71. Certificates SSL (for Ecommerce)

Google has confirmed that is able to index the certificate SSL that some Webs dedicated to ecommerce can obtain. Therefore it is a factor more of quality to consider at the time of rankear with your store online.

72. Terms on watch and privacy

Through these two pages (that would have to be essential your blog) your page gains points of confidence with Google since this one understands that they are Webs without which to hide and it jeopardize generally with the user and Internet. An excellent factor.

73. Duplicated content “on site?

The duplicity of contents in pages as the author page is something very common, the best thing is not to put them in index not to avoid it, despite ten care, is either advisable to use the attribute nonindex with too much generosity.

74. Route of clear navigation

Google has in whatever of positive form those Webs that have a clear structure of URL that it shows the visit at any moment where is. This we can see in the section of permanent connections within our panel of WordPress, being the best structure (facing the SEO) the following one it:

75. Design 100% responsive

Google values plus the pages with a design responsive, that is to say, that adapt perfectly to the visualizations from mobile phones, that those that does not have him. They exist plugins at present that serves to adapt your page to this type of design, but I am particularly even a little reticent to use them since it has been listened to near cases of sites that have generated content duplicated as a result of this.

76. Youtube

The use of videos of Youtube in your page is a good factor seen eyes of Google since on the one hand he is the proprietor and therefore destines a zone of the results search to the videos lodged in Youtube.

78. Negative Experienca of navigation and bounces

An usability of terrible page is going to influence in your rankins of negative form, since Google will consider that greater rate by ricochet and will understand that your site it does not like to people at the moment at which it lands in him.

79. It uses Analytics and Webmaster Tool

Many think that the use of the own programs of Google is a factor considered at the time of being able to rankear better a page. Despite in this point even there is controversy on the matter.

80. Commentaries in a page

It is a relavancia factor or that is created at least. To more commentaries and diversity of IPs in an article majors probabilities it must have this at the time of rankear.

81. Connections from pages with antiquity

It contributes (normally) to more force in terms SEO the connection of a page with a long time of life that new or a relatively new one.

82. The number of domains that aim at your Web

He is one of the most decisive factors and than it is had more in whatever by Google. (First that I speak of this were the MOZ boys), for Google he is very excellent in terms of positioning that is several (whatever more better) the names of domains that aim at your page. In this way it is far better to receive 10 I connect of 10 domains that 5 and 5 of only 2.

83. Different connections from IPs

This suggests Google a ampler rank of sites than they consider your content excellent. It is necessary to have well-taken care of not trying to manipulate the commentaries, since they are easily rastreables by Google through the IP. (To all this, I comes now to the mind: another one of the practices that have begun to penalize Google is the one to leave commentaries with the keyword in the connections of massive form, so taken care of much with the Spam through the commentaries).

84. Connections from a number X of pages of a same domain

This is quite obvious, and comes to mean that an excellent factor is that a same Web connects through more than a page to yours. For example, tomorrow blog connects Marketing to me guerrilla, and to the next week it returns me to a to connect from another one of his post (therefore from another page), because this second connects seguira contributing value.

85. Connections from images with text “Alt?

He is excellent from time to time to receive some connection from an image with the keyword in the Alt text. Since this will as much add additional authority by backlink as by the wealth of connections that supposes.

86. Connections from domains. Edu or. Gov

The incoming connections from domains with the extension .edo or .gov usually have major relevance to equality of conditions that another type of connections. To obtain them, generally, is something quite positive for our page.

87. The Page Rank of the link of the page

According to the experts the PR of the page connector if it is a quite excellent factor at the time of putting a connection, since link is transmitted juice.

88. Authority of the page that connects to us

No longer only one considers factors as the PR but also as PA (Page Authority) and GIVES (Domain Authority) at the time of evaluating a connection.

89. Connections of competing pages

To receive a connection of a page that competes under a certain number of keywords common is something very had in whatever by Google at the time of evaluating a page positively. My advice is that you study its incoming connections through tools as Open Site Explorer and later you try to talk back those that are possible to you.

90. Number of times that a page shares

The “Social Shares? when they take place in a page of a massive way and this page has salient connections, these connections acquire more value and forces. Therefore Google considers very that you receive connections from sites whose contents previously very have been shared by social networks.

91. Negative connections of low quality

Google considers the negative connections from pages Spam and generally with contents of low quality so it tries to avoid them at all costs and if at some time you detect that you are receiving them it deals to put to you with webmaster at issue in touch. In the worse one of the cases always you have tools as Disavow Tools.

92. Taken care of with guest post

Apparently Google has the capacity to detect articles of invited author following a series of landlords based on analyzing backlinks. Better Expliquémoslo: apparently, if beams guest post and the connection that put towards your page comes placed in the final part of the article in the section of “biography? this connection does not have as much force as a contextual connectionstandard “.

93. Connections from home contribute more force

The connections that come from the Home Page by general norm are backlinks with a greater force, since this is the zone of the Web that more connections receives normally and therefore she is the one that usually are more swelling of Page Authority.

94. I connect nonFollow

One of the points of greater controversy in subjects SEO. The famous connections nonFollow. In this section the best thing is to try to secure both types of connections (and to being possible that they are nonFollow of authority). since this in the end conforms a much more natural landlord of connections that itself were Do follow. The textual words of Google on the matter of this type of connections are: “in general, we don't follow them? that is to say, “generally, we did not follow them?…

95. Landlord of connections varied

A wealth in the different types from connections suguiere from Google naturalness and therefore will lie down to rankear our page with greater force. On the contrary, if the great majority of our connections comes from a single source this can be considered as Spam to eyes of the finder.

96. Contextual connections

The connections that more force they have are those that are within a semantic content and with powerful a contextual package. In this way if I want to position my post of “dog American Bully? the best thing is than it receives the connection from a page that dedicque completely to be spoken of that dog breed in particular that of a blog of all animal type.

97. Sponsored connections

Apparently the pages with the words “I connect sponsored? in the anchor text of some of its connections causes that those connections can lose considered force or being as “suspects?.

98. Excessive redireccones 301

The connections that come from redirections 301 lose force. To receive a too high number of these is not something beneficial for your SEO.

99. Anchor text of the connection

After útlimas updates of the algorithm the anchor text of the connections is lost something of force, despite is even a landlord considered at the time of rankear a page, therefore text with head uses the anchor. A good idea if you want to rankear for example for pabras key: “as to cook tortilla? it is to include a landlord of connections of the following type: “as to prepare a homemade tortilla? “as to cook tortilla? “the best advice to cook a rich tortilla? “the name of your (he connects name brand).

100. Anchor text of the internal liaisons

He is another one of the important factors at the time of deciding to you to rankear an article in the first positions. The anchor text of the internal liaisons is less dangerous than the one of the connections that arrive to you from outside. A good practice SEO consists of inserting internal liaisons (that aim at the post which we want to position) of exact keyword within a post and later to make Tier 2 with this second post, in this way we will inflate it of force and those internal liaisons will have value in terms even more SEO.

101. The title of the connection

This factor has drawn me enough attention. Apparently the title that we put on a connection and that later sees when we put the mouse on this connection is a small signal of relevance SEO for Google. So you already know, from now on you do not leave any link without “renombrar?.

102. Connections from a certain country

To secure to connections from a concrete country help to position of high-priority way a content for that country that in others. To the case of this, for example recently in my blog I wrote an article “hanger? on 10 advice of karate applicable to blogging. The intention was to receive a connection towards that post of a German page of karate with a quite powerful PR. In that case that connection would have helped me to position better that post for Germany that any other normal article of my blog.

103. Location of the connection in the content

The connections placed at the beginning of the content in a text have more force slightly than a connection placed at the end of the same. And “enough? more force than the connections placed in ours saw of author (for example in guest post).

104. Location of the connection in pages

The connections surrounded by text are stronger than the connections in pages where the text is not abundant, as for example sidebar or footers.

105. Connection from related domain

Here we go to the nature of the domain. A connection is much more strong from a page of the same niche that of another different one. It dates account from that at any moment we are speaking of thematic of domain, therefore the articles “hanger? that we can also use have less force than a connection from a domain of similar nature to ours.

105. Connections from related pages

In this point we extend a similar relation now but basámos us in the page and not in the domain. This yes talks about to articles hanger. We put an example. I have a technology blog and want to connect to a blog of health related to the diabetes. In that case I will have to make an article of the type “5 medical applications to cure the diabetes? since of this form the page that I am going to index and that are going to contain the article of thematic is related. But by all means the force that us can transmit a related domain of thematic is much greater, in spite of everything.

106. “Link sentiment? or connections with “positive feeling?

Apparently something quite peculiar is that Google probably considers the context of the words that surround a connection and it also values it in reference to these. In this way, if for example I put a connection to him to a blog of the motor saying: “this blog really is a swindle, not only the names of the cars are invented but above they copy content + connects? is very different from if I say: “if he interests to you the new Ford Focus visits this fantastic blog of motor + connects?. There he is nothing.

107. Keyword in the title

It alludes to the keyword that we can put in the title of the connection. In addition if it agrees with the name name brand of a Web it can have a small extra of relevance.

108. Increasing speed of connections

A page that begins to receive more and more I connect mainly (with precaution) natural and, of maintained way it contributes to Google important signals to him of visibility and in return it receives a powerful advantage in positioning ranking.

109. Decreasing speed of connections

In the same way, a page that backs down in the rate of obtaining of connections with respect to its past file sends Google signals that its popularity is decreasing and this finishes noticing in the ranking.

110. Links from “Hub? Pages

The connections from pages with a greater accumulation of resources (I understand that with this it talks about to incoming connections and other signals of force) are much more powerful.

111. Connections from global sites of authority

The links received from sites with force and that in addition are based on several thematic ones but which they have some values of exponential traffic and positioning is very well seen by Google and they even can get to have bastantemás force that decent micro sites niche. A perfect example could be the digital newspapers.

112. I connect nonFollow from Wikipedia

It is the most extended popular belief of than the connections from situated as Wikipedia in spite of being Follow does not transmit part from authority to the connected sites. Without doubt he is best enace nonFollow than ever you could obtain.

113. “Co-occurrences?

The words around a connection help Google to determine thematic and the precision of the same. In such a way that they are possible to be considered another factor of relevance. The future it will happen through the contextual connections.

114. Age of backlinks

According to Google, the connections with more antiquity transmit more force or authority than the new connections, just put.

115. Real links VERSUS Links “splogs?

Given to the increasing proliferation of the networks of blogs in the last years, Google more and more tries to distinguish between the connections from pages with branding, natural brand and actions to those blogs that only activate from time to time with the purpose of to introduce a connection.

116. Natural profile of connections

A page with a natural profile of connections always will have many more probabilities of rankear more fort than another one with an unnatural profile. Unnatural it could be excess of links from: blogrolls, footers, only to the Home Page, with same anchor and keyword, a growth or natural decrease… etc.

117. Reciprocal interchange of connections

An excessive interchange of connections between different webpages is a bad signal before Google since this one wants that they take place of the possible most natural form and not by friendships or interchanges. If you abuse this your SEO will be harmed.

118. Connections generated by users

Google tries to be able to distinguish between the connections that we of natural way and those totally unnatural placed in articles “hanger? so taken care of with that type of connections generated.

119. Links from redirections 301

The connections from redirections 301 have less force slightly than direct links. To shorter more force is the route of the connection is able to conserve.

120. microformats

The pages that are able to support microdata and use them in such a way that they appear in the SERPs are more prone to rankear with more force than those pages that do not have them.

121. List of pages in Dmoz

This to the 100% is not corroborated, but much people think that Google grants an extra point of confidence to the pages that appear listed in the directory of Dmoz. In Quondos we have had the opportunity to secure this type of connections through different members from the forum.

122. List of pages in Yahoo!

In the same way one thinks that Google could grant a greater relevance to the pages contained in directories as the one of Yahoo! With greater relevance we talked about to a small treatment of additional favor to the connection that in if the directory transmits to the site at issue.

123. Number of salient connections of the page

The Page Rank is not something infinite. A number of salient connections too much elevated from a same page can bring about a smaller accumulation of force.

124. Connections from forum profiles

Because formerly this type of connections has been one of the majors Spam causes, Google has devaluated enough its force. Although to be right I have to tell you that a good number of pages with connections Do Follow in the profiles of the forums even exists that are perfectly usable.

125. Number of words that accompany to the content

A connection from a post of 1,000 words has more force than another one from an article that counts only on 200 words since the force of the semantics and the indexing in the first case probably is much greater.

126. Connections from qualified content

The connections from poor content, with little text and a little variety semantic transmit much less force than I connect from pages with texts good written up and content multimedia. A factor very to consider.

127. Compression of repeated connections

The articles that include several connections towards a same page with the purpose of to increase their positioning waste the time. Google only considers the first connection, according to declarations of own Matt Cutts.

128. Greater CTR for a key in the results search

The pages that are clickadas a greater number of times in the SERPS for a determined content, have major propensity to elevate their positioning in particular SEO for keyword main of that content.

129. A greater global CTR by pages

To greater global CTR of the page based on the Google articles it could favor the positioning of the same in the SERPS against others with a smaller CTR.

130. Percentage by ricochet

In this point all the SEOs do not agree, but by normal general it lies down to think that a by ricochet greater percentage will cause that a page sends signals to him to Google that does not have too much interest for the user. Therefore it can affect negatively to your SEO. This can be related to a post that I wrote in the blog of Quondos about how effectively to increase the ratio of pages seen in your blog.

131. The direct traffic benefits your SEO

According to declarations of Google (since already we have shelp) they use some data from their Chrome navigator to consider parameters as “that type of sites visits people and with whichever frequency?. Metric an important one is the direct traffic. To more direct traffic greater relevance at the time of rankear will have a page.

132. Repeated traffic or traffic appellant

Google is able to measure this type of factors. The pages with a greater percentage of traffic appellant, that is to say, that returns time and time again to your site send signals to him to Google that the content of that page is excellent.

133. Great pages

The size of your Web generally is a factor of weight (and never rather) at the time of rankear your contents. Apparently if your Web is great is much less probable that it is about a Web Spam or affiliates based only on one landing.

134. Chrome Bookmarks

Or text markers of Chrome. The pages including in them in theory have an additional point of confidence facing Google.

135. Google Toolbar Data

Apparently to use the bar of tools of Google is a positive signal at the time of rankear. In the individual I distrust of this point at issue.

136. Number of commentaries

Since already there are saying, to Google it likes the pages cheers and floods of dynamic content. One of the symptoms of better health of a page or blog it is the amount of commentaries that receives. One of the factors that will help to position your webpage.

137. Time in page

One of the factors considered as “excellent? by most of the community SEO. The dwell time in a user in your page indicates to him to Google that is interesting him the content of the same. On the other hand he is one of the ratios most difficult to increase, since in theory it directly goes proportional to the quality or interest that generates our contents.

138. The consultations deserve freshness

Google more and more is giving to an extra of positioning SEO to those new pages that deal with on a content which for a long time it did not come finding novel results in the SERPS. In my opinion one of the most interesting factors, since it is an incitement (at least for my) to send to us to explore microniches semi-left as far as renovation of information and thus to catch good amounts of at the moment unheeded traffic.

139. The consultations deserve diversity

It goes very in the line of the previous one. The SERPS are thankful for the diversity of information based on groups of new keywords.

140. File of navigation of the user

One of the landlords that Google considers at the time of showing you the results search is the file of the pages to which you have acceded. (Thanks to this the SERPs normally appear distorted) therefore, to more times you appear in the results of searches “distorted? of the best people for your positioning SEO.

141. File of searches of the user

Once again also this closely related to the previous point. The searches that you realise later are used by Google to be able mostrate results based on that type of information. That way if habitually you look for information on, for example, marketing courses are probable that the page of Quondos is a little more prone to appear than if never never hunieras looked for nothing on marketing.

142. Geo-targeting

Google gives preference to the pages whose IP is geolocalizada in a place relatively next to the user. In the same way the domains with host in a certain country also it happens the same.

143. Safe search

If you want to do your excellent articles in terms of positioning avoid to use of constant form badly sonantes words. Google tries to reduce relevance to this type of results. The same happens with the box of sugerecias of Google, that never shows as suggestion pages with content for wounding adults or words.

144. Circles of Google as excellent factor

This factor also has drawn me attention. Apparently Google grants major relevance in the SERPS to those pages of whose people you have added in your circles of Google+. Therefore a good practice consists of trying to be including in the greater number of possible circles.

145. “DMCA Complaints?

With this Google it makes reference to quellas pages from which it has received complaints, such as Spam reports. In which case it will make them rankear worse in the results search.

146. Diversity of domains

According to Google, one of its past updates wine to add a greater number of domains in each pages of the SERPs…

147. Transactional searches

Google shows different results if it notices that the type of information that we are looking for is referring to realise a purchase or to go in search of a service. It is necessary to consider this factor if we are administrators of a store online (with the purpose of optimizing the pages for the suitable key words) and it either does not agree to lose of Google Places view.

148. Local searches

Your results will be more prone to aprecer if the searches of the people are local and allude directly to the location of your business.

149. Picture of the news of Google

Certain key words activate a picture of the news of Google.

150. Preference to the brands

After passed changes of algorithm as Google Vince, the finder has granted a greater relevance in the SERPS to the names name brand of the companies for a certain type of short searches. In this way if you introduce the Apple word appears the company of computers instead of the apple in first position.

151. Commercial results

Google is able to show results of purchase in the SERPs.

152. Images in the results

One of the factors that can bring traffic to your Website is the positioned images good in the web search engines. In the personnel I have to add that peculiarly to position in Google Images it is infinitely easier that to do it through organic content. In some occasion one of my blogs of technology with only some weeks of life it positioned in fourth position for the word “Samsung Galaxy Ace? but that if, in Images. In spite of this the traffic that since then arrives to me is constant and majority with respect to this image. It remembers, always text alt, title and if possible surrounded by contextual words.

153. Preference by keywords name brand in commercial brands

Apparently within the key words generally that for example, can have a page as ElCorteInglés, the key words name brand have preference to position with respect to the rest of his keywords indexed. In this way it would be relatively easy to find the Web of this company if we looked for in Google keywords separated as “it cuts? or “English?. Something that in a normal Web usually does not happen in the same way.

154. Number of Tweets

One of the social signals that the web search engine considers (or so they say…) at the time of positioning. With respect to the other social networks, Twitter surely is the one that less impact has in the SEO, despite this last one once again is something that I would like to verify personally.

155. Influence of the profile of Twitter

In this point I am a little reticent. A part of the community SEO thinks that the influence of the person who is behind the account of Twitter (as the number of followers, antiquity of the account etc) is excellent factors at the time of positioning a certain content.

156. Number of Likes on Facebook

The number I Like on Facebook is one of the values that Google considers at the time of determining the interest that a certain content has provoked between the public. Ten in account that Facebook works far better for a certain type of thematic which others. The things of the type “humor? and with funny associate images are much more propitious to being shared in this social network.

157. Facebook Shares

The number of times that shares your publication on Facebook can have more relevance than the simple ones I Like.

158. Authority of the account of Facebook

In this point we found a definition similar to the one of the profile of the account of Twitter. In theory, to more authority more power has a profile of Facebook in particular to harness our positioning will be able to exert on a content. In this way “I Like? of influenciadoras people and famous they would have to be of great relevance.

159. The Pins de Pinterest

Google considers them as a social signal that a content is attractive for the user. Once again we were with a social network where what predominates is the image and the photos “with predisposition to become viral? usually devastate.

160. Votes in social platforms

According to a great amount of Google SEOs it considers the diffusion that a content has in the different platforms and social aggregators, such as Digg in the USA.

161. Number of +1 in Google Plus

One of the factors assumed as more determinants at the time of positioning a certain page. Indeed Google+ is the time bomb that more impulse of a a content in the results search, although by experience I would like to add that the word “pump? has not been used free, that is to say, Google+ can give a push you very hard initial, but after X days stop arriving +1s or another type from excellent factors (as for example I connect) the effect finishes being diluted slightly.

162. Authority of the account of Google+

Once again we return to the same, the authority of the account of Google+ of the person at issue is something excellent. He is not the same +1 of a profile with 20 followers who of one with 5.000.

163. Verification of author through Google Plus

Another one of the aspects that help to rankear better. The contents verified by author are more prone to strike in the results search with more force. On the other hand it is good for concentrating a subject in particular at the time of verifying our contents with the Rel Author label. In this way Google will understand that we are expert in this matter.

164. Social signals of relevance

A set of social signals is more powerful than to only have mentions in a single social network. Something quite obvious, despite I would try to center my strategy in a limited number of social networks with the purpose of to be able to focus the effort.

165. Social signals by weigh to them

The social signals by weigh to them talks about to that a site whose totality or practice totality of their pages is shared by social networks. That is to say, it makes reference to the global level of Web or abreast of percent of the Web with a good number of Shares. (I am going to begin to share my page of on my but already) ;)

166. Name name brand in the anchor text

To include the name name brand in the text anchor of the connection is simple, but a powerful one, signal facing Google at the time of harnessing the ranking of the brand at issue.

167. Searches name brand

He is simple, Google values if a brand is very used in the finder from the picture search (although also, since already we have shelp in some of the factors, it evaluates the direct traffic).

168. Brands that have a page on Facebook

The pages with Fan Page and movement within the same (active number of fans, mentions, I Like etc.) are slightly more prone to rankear hard in the results of Google. So but you have Facebook is a recommendable factor, despite in the personnel I have to say that this social network never has finished to me convincing (for a personal use). In terms of usability (under my criterion) she is quite terrible! (somebody to favor? … jeje).

169. Sites with great number of Followers

I suppose perhaps that one does not talk about to a direct hit in the SEO but to an indirect impact. A high number of followers in Twitter is relevance signal name brand, which finally always is favored in the finders.

170. Page of company with profile of Linkedin

The pages of excellent businesses in a great amount have pages optimized in Linkedin. Apparently to have a page in this professional network is another one (slight) signal to Google of authority of the site.

171. Employees of Linkedin in your company

According to declarations of Rand Fishkin, to have to employees with professional and reliable profiles in Linkedin contracted and working in your page of the company is a factor of relevance name brand facing Google. I imagine that lócimanete the content will have to be previously verified by the Rel Author label.

172. Accounts with powerful interaction

In Social Average the accounts with more interaction on the part of their followers have more later repercussion in the SEO of the contents that share that those accounts with more number of followers, but with a null interaction.

173. Mentions in Google News

The pages that have been accepted in Google News and happen generally to the section of the SERPS reserved for these news are better views by Google. Here the ideal is to propose your page and to cross the fingers so that they accept it. Also I have to say that pages with publicity of Adsense without no problem are accepted, since I know people in Quondos to which they have been accepted him.

174. Co-citations

This factor talks about to that not always it is necessary to connect the Web of a brand so that Google knows to catch that we are referring us to her. Also it values this naturalness. That is to say, pages that are mentioned, but not always connected.

175. Number of subscribers by RSS

The brands that have a great number of subscribers via RSS more are considered by the web search engines.

176. Location of the business

It is possible according to a certain number of SEOs that Google uses its finder to determine the physical geolocalización of the company at issue and to see if it has a real and reliable infrastructure at the time of diagnosing his page of company. In the individual they are quite incredulous with respect to this factor.

177. Penalty of Panda

Google Panda is a penalizadora extension within the own algorithm that is dedicated to penalize to pages with content poor and contained duplicate to bad faith. A Web that never has been penalized by Panda throughout the time gains good reputation to the eyes of Google as far as the ranking.

178. Connections from sites with low authority

An excessive amount of connections from sites of low quality as farms of connections and others are desfavorecedor for your ranking, and still more if they are placed connections in footer. Avoid them to have a clean page that can rankear more fort.

179. Connections from directories

To Google no longer it likes the directories of connections. The main reason is that in a still recent past more and more they have begun to use as farms of connections with the only aim to manipulate the positioning SEO of the pages. But still some few exist, (very little) of quality, as Dmoz.

180. MGP-UPS and excessive publicity

According to the guide of directives of quality for Webmasters de Google, the sites with a high number of commercials and MGP Ups send signals to Google that its content is of worse quality. Tenlo in account for your pages.

181. Sobreoptimized pages

In the same way that a SEO on page adapted can help the page to rankear more fort those pages than are sobreoptimized for a certain number of keywords can be penalized and be had less in account at the time of rankear.

182. “Ads Above the fold?

An excess of announcements that are in half superior of the page can send signals to him to Google of low quality, which will have a later indirect repercussion in the results search. This is made to avoid an excess of publicity in the calls “red zones? or heat map, that is where the user greater possibility must to make click (but where also more annoying).

183. Sites of affiliates

He is not secret for that to Google it does not like much the pages of affiliates. Many SEOs and Webmasters generally think that the pages that use this means of minting are put under a much greater scrutiny on the part of the web search engine. My advice is that you use them with head.

184. To hide connections of affiliates

To go too much far when you want to hide your connections of affiliates, mainly if uses them in pages to do cloacking, is a quite common factor of penalty. Taken care of much with this.

185. Autogenerated content

Google is not fan of the autogenerated content but of the original content. The sum of something bad on something worse would even be to autogenerate content through copying it of third parties via RSS. A pump for Google that will not take in penalizing and desindexar in the worse one of the cases. Unofficial: (Or at least that says to us, I know some Web that only consists of copying contents of another one and there it is, between the first positions for its EMD).

186. Excess of nonFollow towards a same content

If a content receives an excess of connections nonFollow Google can understand that people do not want to transmit authority to him by some reason in particular.

187. Marked directions of IP as Spam

If your servant IP is marked as Spam is very probable that rankins of all the pages where you are the administrator they are devaluated.

188. “Meta tag Spamming?

In the same way that to do it with keyword can be something penalized is necessary to have much taken care of in not repeating a same keyword too many times in puts them labels since Google can suspect negatively on the matter.

189. Massive affluence of blow connections

A higher arrival of connections of the habitual thing and concentrated in a short period of time signals to him to Google that they are connections that we are manipulating we ourself. Tenlo very in whatever at the time of connecting your pages. He is better a few to the month that a good handful in one week.

190. Penalty of Google Penguin

The sites under a penalty of Google Penguin are significantly less visible in the results search.

191. Profile of connections of limited quality

A page with a profile of connections full of connections of low quality can finish being in the point of view of Google and even penalized. For example, in an invented and unreal assumption: if your blog is new and it is not going to secure connections until within 5 months and you as Webmaster you have a routine to leave 15 every day or 20 commentaries in friendly blogs (with its corresponding connection not follow) could get to be counter-productive. Taken care of much with that type of abuses.

192. To tie domain relevance

According to a study realised by the page a site with an excess of connections of high quality (if, you have read well, of high quality) but of thematic related it does not make suspect to Google Penguin that something rare stá happening with that page… Most natural (although you have authority connections) it is that they also connect sites to you of thematic related.

193. Unnatural warnings of backlinks

When a site experiments a fall of positions due to a subject of linkbuilding is probable that sometimes they verify it to the Webmaster through Webmaster Tools.

194. Connections from the same class IP

An excess of connections from the same page IP when your blog is very small and not yet especially has a landlord of connections well-defined I could make think to Google that you are using several blogs as farm of connections yesto can repel in your ranking.

195. Anchor text “toxic?

If your Web is connected numerous times with words as “Viagra? and things of the Google style can get to consider certain behaviors Spam in your con. However, if you are careful with your blog is not very normal that this happens.

196. Penalties manuals

The pages that have been penalized of way manual in spite of leaving the penalty are possible that they undergo a greater scrutiny in front of pages than always they have had a clean behavior.

197. Sale of connections

Google is able to suspect those sites that are dedicated on sale of connection and make abuse of connections of thematic not related in sidebar, footer or things of the sort. Taken care of much with buying or selling connections.

198. Google Sandbox

An excessive landlord of connections from sites that historically have been used to make Black SEO as profiles of forums and excess of commentaries can make suspect to Google, and still more if your site is not a site that has authority.

199. “I already used Disavow Tool?

Once you use Disavow Tool somehow you recognize eyes of Google “that you have gone playing to be SEO? and many think that although not directly indirectly it is a negative factor for your ranking in the long term.

200. Google Dances

Or the famous fluctuations of the SERPS. According to Google they are constant to make sure a site is not trying to play with the algorithm. We underwent them constantly all and for I spoke not much in my blog of an impressive fluctuation in real time of how it affected a connection of a marketing blog towards an article of a blog of mascots (of which also I am administrator).

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