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Android conserves private data although you recover of factory

We will have received these Christmases a gift in the form of new mobile phone and being Spain, one of the countries where but mobile phones they renew annually, will interest to know this to you:

If you have thought to undo you of your old Android, to sell it, to occur it to another person or perhaps you must take it to a technical service, certainly one of the first things that you have thought, is in erasing the private information that you have kept: photographies, messages, applications, etc.

But smartphones has, as we know, very many data, perhaps and to leave it without any sign is not as easy as it seems. The investigators of the University of Cambridge have published a study in which they demonstrate that although the initial configuration of factory is recovered, many of the data remain stored in the device. Esteem that enters 500 and more than 600 million Android anywhere in the world, is not able to completely erase the data stored in their internal memory or the SD. A serious problem of security for the users.

The investigators have examined several Android devices of several manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and Google), with versions 2,3 to the 4,3 of Android. In all of them, they have been able to reclaim great part of the data kept on the telephone, that would not have to be there.

What data found? Images, videos, messages, e-mails, contacts, and logins of Facebook and WhatsApp have been the data that have managed to extract of the devices. The study sample that the data could even be restored of quite simple form, even if the proprietors of the device had activated the coding of the disc. In the investigation they acceded to the deprived data of the users in 80% of the cases.

Who is the person in charge? The study suggests the error could be of the manufacturers, who do not include the controllers of software necessary to clean the non-volatile memory of the device.

What to do if I have an Android old and I want to eliminate the data?

Then what you must do is, before making reset of factory encriptar the telephone, and soon doing reset to factory, thus in case somebody manages to recover some data will be encriptado and they do not podran to open it.

The steps encriptar and to clean our Android telephone

Adjustments - > Security - > Encriptar the telephone. And soon to do reset of factory (Adjustments - > Backup copy - > Restablecer factory data).

There are other additional options, as for example making a safe erasure of the free space of the terminal. This can be done with applications of Android available in Google Play. What these applications do is to sobrewrite especio of data free, with bits at random so that the information cannot be recovered. It looks at this article where you have several options

If we are fans extreme of the security also the three things can be done: encriptar, reset of factory and soon to sobrewrite the free data. Thus we made sure accurate form that our information is out of danger.

Your account breaks ties with Google just in case

Although once we do ours reset of factory the account of Google is also broken contact we can do it from a webpage. It is enough with entering the connected controls of the account of Google, Notifications and devices and revoking the access of the devices that we do not use.

That this device, after reset of factory, can be connected to our account of Google is very rare again, but revoking the access we made sure that it cannot do it without giving it of discharge again. As I say this is for true paranoiac but it does not cost more than a pair of clicks and 30 seconds.

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