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WhatsApp now free

WhatsApp totally happens to be free.

Jan Koum, Co-creator of WhatsApp, have announced during an event in Munich that the company will stop acquiring the annual dollar of the subscription to the service, a measurement that in the past provoked a great controversy when it started up in March of 2013.

The company comprises of Facebook from February of 2014, and its growth has continued being amazing: at the moment it counts with more than 900 million active users, and although that purchase seemed to aim at the introduction of publicity in the platform, that had not taken place. Its model, says Koum, is now another one.

They want to connect to companies and users

The creator of one of the more popular applications of mail anywhere in the world indicated that instead of the present model - not to pay the first year, and soon to pay an annual dollar no longer have sense for much people: some users of the service do not have credit cards, and is a great number of alternatives that do not force to pay this type of subscription.

According to Koum the idea is now the one to try to connect to the companies with the people, but it affirms that the objective is “to avoid the Spam and the publicity nonwished?. That could aim at the arrival of publicity to the platform, although in the post official of the announcement they indicate the following thing when responding to if there will be publicity of third parts in the platform.

The answer is no. As of this year, we will evaluate tools that will allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate to you with businesses and companies of which you want to be to as much. This could mean for example to communicate to you with your bank on if a recent transaction were fraudulent, or with your airline on the delay of a flight. We everywhere receive those messages nowadays - to traverse of messages of text and calls so we want to prove these new tools to cause that is easier in WhatsApp, and that simultaneously we offer a experience to you without publicity of third partherraes and Spam.

As they indicate in Re/code, the strategy is similar to the one of Facebook Messenger, the other great platform of mail of Facebook. Koum admits that not yet they have begun to develop those tools, but the approach seems destined to cause that WhatsApp serves as definitive alternative to the SMS with which many arrive to us from the messages of companies with which we stay in touch.

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