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We have reached the conclusion that in Spain it is easier to find somebody than claims to be community to manager (CM) that sand in the desert. If we see Linkedin, the profiles in Spain people with knowledge in digital marketing and experts community manager is as the languages, all say spoken and written level of “English: high level?, but the majority does not know to conjugate the verb “To sees?.

Once at home the faucet of the kitchen was broken to me. And by that one to save a money, I took the toolbox to me and I put myself to change the faucet. To the few seconds that one was an aquatic park. No longer it was more remedy than to call to a professional of the plumbing. Moral: “Cheap, in the end it can be very expensive?.
The same happens if we decided to manage we ourself the social communication average of our brand or business or our webpage.

Lies and truths of a cm (community manager):

  • To be community manager is only necessary a course online of 4 hours.
  •   It is necessary to form in communication and marketing, and to specialize in digital marketing in centers and by qualified professionals.
  • If you are community manager you will not need work.
  •  If we think that one is the demanded profession more, we go well. Ponte search supplies and you will see as “Scholarship holder in practical? is the position stars.
  • Community manager does not have because to know of marketing and communication.
  •  Nor an anatomy doctor. He is here where the receptionist acquires special relevance that arranges the telephone attention and the Facebook of the company.
  • Community manager is that one that knows everything what it has to do with a computer.
  •  Then, the carrier who brought it to house or the one that also sold years ago a red cartridge to us would have to be it.
  • The function of community manager is limited to write a post every three days on Facebook.
  •  The worse thing of it is than many “expert? companies price their services being based on this great lie.

Warned you are those that buscais a cm, in CompuPrint we did not carry out tasks of community manager, our sector is hosting, domains and design Web. We cannot offer all the services, because as you know, the one that much sandal…

Conclusion: you must have well-taken care of with the companies that are dedicated “to sell? smoke and tarifican exorbitant prices to write in yours facebook, or blog every 3 days. That is not community manager. For us a cm must always contribute: Pursuit of the image of company and the competition in Internet. Streamlining and amplification of the communication between the company and its clients/suppliers/usuary subscribers//what is. It does not have to remain in the social networks, but to approach other workings of commercial nature/marketing online etc. (unless these functions already are covered)

Our advice, you read well, to inform to you and with all the information in your hand to decide to you by which it gets to teach to you as the social networks work and it explains to you since it does really his work.

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