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Analysis: landing page optimization SEO Básico

Introduction: what is one landing page

One landing page or landing page is a webpage that is thought to turn to the visitors about visits or contacts. Usually they are very simple, perhaps a single screen, and all the efforts are centered in which call to action or the call to the action to enter or to buy a product that is very clear. It is the objective of the company that we register ourselves to obtain more data? Perhaps what it is tried it is to sell some product? Whatever intention, must be clear dazzling with only a look of the visitor.

One landing page or constructed allows to turn the users into possible clients, or at least, who get to be extremely interested in our services or products. Since we have mentioned, the message must be very clear as well as the intention of the company when publishing a certain landing page. Doing good landing pages can be quite complicated, because in very little space it is necessary to condense of attractive form several concepts, prioritizing the action that is expected of the user. When one begins in this business lies down to be complicated the life, and sometimes, everything is much more simple. For that reason the question is pertinent: how we can optimize our landing pages? That is to say, what we can learn on the concept landing page optimization?

Essential aspects on landing page optimization

Normally, landing page is related to an announcement or campaign of publicity, possibly of Google AdWords. In fact this type of webpages is made specifically to receive the visits of the users who click in the publicity of the main finders, the social networks or other webpages. Having this in mind, he agrees to review some essential points to obtain that the landing pages perfectly are optimized:

  • You do not forget any essential component. The advice who are adapted for the webpages generally, are essential for landing page. We must correctly work all the labels that we know, such as <h1> the holder and <h2> for the subtitles. The labels <title> and <metas> must be also structured well and with the key words that are wanted to emphasize. Concerning form, we must have a good impressive image and of high quality and that reinforces the written message that must be brief, concise and very specific. And, by all means, the button or call to action must draw attention, but without intimidating. The final composition must be beautiful, nice at sight and very harmonic.
  • It eliminates the distractions, which includes main navigation. If we obtained that a person arrives at our webpage, our objective would have to be to retain to him. For that reason it must not have connections or bellboys who made us leave the main content. Really, according to some experts, the only connection would have to be call to action, because in fact the user would not have to leave landing page without clicking in him. According to the help of Google, one of the best forms to increase the rate of conversion of this type of pages and to avoid a by ricochet high rate is to eliminate main navigation.
  • To be coherent in the messages. If call to action takes us to a contact form, this it would have to follow the same line of design that the main page. The ideal would be that the text that appears in the call to the action agrees with the title of the destiny page. On the contrary, that could create confusion and cause that some users lay down back.
  • It is the clear supply and there is weighty arguments to buy the product or to give our data? Landing page must desatacar the reasons for which there are to acquire a product or service if this it is the objective. People are not in favor of the work to give her data gladly, so we must argue and give good reasons. If we are not a brand very consolidated, the truth is that we have it more difficult. But it is not impossible. It is always good idea to put the discounts in format number, because they call plus the attention. For example, he is preferable to today say “50% of discount? that “Today fifty percent of discount?. The formula to explain a problem and to provide a solution is very efficient, mainly if it goes accompanied of descriptive photos that emphasize the main points.
  • To consider the social networks. We do not clear the opportunity of the users to recommend ours landing page by means of the social networks. If we connected with a type of users very interested in our products, we leave they do the gratuitous publicity to us and they share the contents with all contacts. We would not have either to forget to put a button to share the connection by means of the e-mail. Perhaps somebody is asked, still there is somebody uses the e-mail? For tastes the colors and I am of whom they use this system. After all all contacts are not assiduous of the social networks. In addition, when I want to recommend something likes to do it of specific form to people who fodder that will be interested.

Landing page optimization and the protection of data

Generally, the society is very sensible with respect to the protection of data. The truth is that it is not for less, because the legislation has become hardened with the purpose of to protect our rights and to avoid that the great companies (and the small ones) commit the abuses that were made long ago. Clearly, this has generated certain repairs at the time of registering itself in a Web or to give our data. Nevertheless, without data, although these are basic, is no leads and without these, present marketing does not have too much future. What steps we could give to tranquilize the users and to obtain that they give his data more us?

    Page of landing, mini pages
  • It fulfills the effective legislation and very clearly leaves it in your landing page. I do not believe that at this point nobody risks to pick up data of users and not to register the file in the Agency of Protection of Data. He is not conceivable at least for a company located in Europe. However, you explain clearly this in your webpage? Perhaps in some cases it would be good idea to show the connection so that the most reticent users can verify than of convincing way we fulfilled the laws.
  • It adds a message of privacy and protection of data. Another important aspect is not to allow that nobody presses in the button call to action without has read and accepts the protection of data. Some webpages have noticeable this default. I believe that it is not good idea. It is necessary to program the page so that it is obligatory to read the message. It is certain that one is a small disadvantage for those users who do not need this information. But those that are reticent will feel like more insurances and, in addition, we are fulfilling the effective legislation.
  • To put the commentaries of real clients who are satisfied. This zone of testimonies is very efficient, because it allows to give confidence to other people who still have doubts. One either is not to exaggerate or to exaggerate towards the positive of our products on watch. The ideal is to be objective and to show variable commentaries. If possible, that is loaded randomly whenever the webpage visualizes.
  • To watch the extension of the form. The very long forms have two problems. First it is that, whatever more data we ask the users, more measuring of protection we will have to exert according to specific the Agency of Protection of Data. Another problem, nonsmaller by the way, is than if there is to fill up many fields, many visitors can stop by pure boredom. In order to optimize a landing page we must limit the fields of the form the possible minimum. Really we needed the physical address the client or with having its email or telephone it is sufficient? This class of questions and the common sense will help to simplify everything us what the registry form can.

Landing page optimization and the SEO

Although the world of the landing pages is very oriented to the announcements by payment, we do not have to underestimate to the power and the influence of the SEO in this case. In order to begin we would have to consider that ours landing page would have to be optimized with the key words that we want to emphasize in the announcements of Google AdWords. In case we do not do that, we could increase the rate by ricochet, because it is possible that those that click in the announcement do not find what they are looking for in our Web. We analyze some points that we can consider not to stop thinking about the SEO although we make this type of pages:

  • The decision of the domain. Where we thought to lodge ours landing page? We will create a subdomain or we will contract a new and completely different domain? If we thought about the SEO the answer is clear. An independent site is better and that we concentrate ourselves in optimizing it with the key words by which we have bet. The effort and the cost are greater, but the results are worth the pain clearly.
  • The USA the key words in the text of visible form. According to some studies, the majority of users decides if they follow in a Web or they go away in little more than 2 or 3 seconds. In order to obtain that those that have clicked in the announcement of Google (or any other site) remain in our Web, we must convince them that the content is excellent and that interests to them. So we must combine a good message with the outstanding key words in the text and the holders.
  • Page updates your landing. Unless the landing page is for a specific and precise campaign, he is very advisable to frequently change to the message and the photos of this type of pages. If its objective is to catch contacts, we must show customized and novel supplies. We remember that Google does not make distinction between “a normal? Web and one landing page. The principles of the quality of the contents and the update are equally valid for both cases.
  • To watch how people are acceding to ours landing page. We suppose that we have some key words that are not working or that the users arrive at our Web by means of other key words that we had not considered. If we make an suitable pursuit, we will be alert and change the key words to the new expectations. We do not think that a landing page becomes and already we forgot it. Perhaps we must be modifying it until obtaining that totally it is optimized. If people accede from different groups from key words, perhaps the solution is to create others landing pages. In fact many companies you have different landing pages. A strategy of digital marketing consists of diversifying to the number of landing pages and attracting many visits with different hooks or “baits?.
LOPD SEO and landing page

Conclusion: landing page optimization, which we must avoid

Of this analysis we can understand that the optimization of the landing pages is an exciting subject. There are many implied techniques and the more knowledge we have on the new tendencies, better efficient preparations we will be to do landing pages the more. Nevertheless, there are some practices that we must avoid, as for example never, never, never to put popup or emergent window in our Web. This annoying one and could much obtain that Google AdWords cancelled our announcement.

A last note deserves, the abusive use of the text, that is counter-productive and can distract the attention on the call to the action. The same we can say of the images. We never must take images of Google, because probably the users already have seen them. It is not either good idea to choose first that we find in the banks of images that everybody consultation. The image must be ours or, at least, to seem it. Optimization would not have sense to dedicate to as much effort to landing page and to forget as basic aspects as the text and the correct use the images. If we strived to optimize our better landing pages we will obtain more and leads or contacts. And that, in the mid term, will be wonderful for our business online or main webpage.

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