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As connecting themselves to one wifi safely and not dying in the attempt

As connecting themselves to one wifi safely and not dying in the attempt

Now that comes vacation or whenever you leave house that way or, we raised a few advice to you to consider, when you connect yourself to one wifi or you are of free or no, as for example in a cafeteria, an airport, in a train or tube station, by the street, or your own wifi of house or office.

Things that you can verify to increase the security in your WIFI connections.

  1. That this using type of WPA2 coding instead of WEP or other uncertain protocols. This you can simply see it when giving him to details of the connection, and he will appear to you the type of coding that uses this wifi.
  2. To change SSID, the name that brings by defect wifi, because rainbow are dictionaries/tables to be able to obtain the keys in some minutes and to crackear wifi of well-known suppliers.
  3. To use a driver wifi, that is not vulnerable to a D0 attack, to avoid attacks “man in the midle?. To maintain your drivers or system updated is the best option for this
  4. To use a VPN in case there is somebody in wifi that can be “snifeando? (monitoring) the connections and power to rob information to me.
  5. hackwifi
  6. To have cleared the WAN panel of your router, or to have blocked the access so that nobody can be connected from Internet to the configuration of your router and guesses the keys or uses the one that brings by defect of router.
  7. To use a connection HTTPS with certificate SSL, to the panel of administrator of your router, in addition to the rest of webpages in which you sail with the connection wifi.
  8. To update firmware of router as well as rest of connected equipment (pcs, tablets, reasons, etc), to avoid that they have vulnerabilities.
  9. To deactivate the Wifi Protected setup (WPS), because he is attackable by brute force, being able to obtain the password from any device in a matter of seconds.
  10. To maintain your PC, smartphone, tablet or devices that you connect to that wifi, with a anti-virus, will sign and software updated, with the last patches of security and service packs.
  11. To use a complex password in all the devices including wifi.
The best advice than we can give you is: to avoid to connect itself to Wifis you publish, since it is possible that some undesirable one, or badly call hacker this hoping to a victim to be able to rob its information to him. It uses your personal connection 3G/4G… of the mobile, and follows the rest of advice in wifi of your house or work, whatever less users and but restricted he is wifi, less possibility of undergoing attacks and or damages on your equipment, or lost/information robberies ×

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