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New phishing of the declaration of the Rent

New phishing of the declaration of the Rent

Before the beginning of the term to present the declaration of the Rent there are some who see a gold opportunity to make business and of making money of illicit form. New phishing of the declaration of the Rent threatens the security of the users reason why it is necessary to take precaution if you do not want to be victim of a swindle.

New phishing of the declaration of the Rent threatens the security of the users

New phishing of the declaration of the Rent arrives in the form of an e-mail to rob the banking data of the user. The attack arrives in the form of a mail that simulates to be of the tributary Agency with a great fidelity. The message communicates the users whom they have right to a reimbursement of 244,79 Euros and requests diverse data to realise the entrance of the money. Between the requested data they appear Name, NIF, telephone, card number of credit, expiration date, code PIN and date of birth and requests us that we approximately send them in a term inferior to the nine days.

Evidently it is a swindle that it only persecutes to collect the banking and personal data of the users to obtain great amounts of money of fraudulent form. Tributary agency never would send a mail to you asking your banking data, its form to come is by means of a summons with a certified letter so that you present to you in the corresponding delegation, or by means of the system of electronic communications, through the qualified electronic direction, in case of doubt it directly consults with your agency/consultant's office or in the tributary agency

Certificates SSL to avoid information robberies

We remembered to you that whenever you use personal data, enterprise or sensible, it is important to verify that the connection is safe, by means of the certificate/corresponding protocol SSL, a green candidate in the zone of direction of the navigator. If necesitais a certificate SSL for your webpages, you have basic Certificate SSL from 12€/año

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