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certificates SSL security

To have a safe webpage every time this becoming more necessary, and is that to give that confidence to our users, contributes many benefits to us at the time of registering themselves as much, buying or to position themselves in Google.

Certificates SSL

The certificate of security SSL consists of the installation of an accreditation emitted by a company certified to validate that our site is safe.

When we spoke of security certificates is possible to differentiate several types, those that are of simple authentication, and those of authentication for company. With security certificates, the URL of your project will begin by HTTPS indicating that it is a safe site. Following our needs we will choose one of them.  We were in charge to transact the details so that it is possible to be installed without no type of errors in the page, and counted on experience in the sector.

Safe Web

Advantages to have a certificate SSL

To have a security certificate contributes multiple advantages to us, the main one is to demonstrate to the visitor who is in a safe website, without malware nor no type of malignant software that can damage its computer.

Also it will increase the confidence at the time of realising purchases online, since the user will be able to verify that in its navigator it appears a padlock of green security or a green bar following the certificate type.

And another one of the recent advantages consists of improving the positioning, since the algorithm of Google has in greater consideration the pages with this certificate type at the time of showing the results.

How to be able to make of your site a safe Web

In Berkkos Services Web we will be arranged to validate your site and to form security certificates so that you can have your certificate SSL, to stores as much online how to corporative or actual Webs. We have an ample experience in the sector and satisfied clients speak of our services. If you want we were in charge of everything.
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certificate SSL free

Certificate of security 100% Free

Test during 90 days a certificate SSL free, you will be able to add it and to use it with normality in a matter of minutes, under your own domain, without no type of additional cost. With this certificate of test you will be able to obtain and to prove a totally real certificate SSL in one of your domains.
Certificate of nonrenewable test, only been worth during 90 days with cost 0€

To obtain my certificate SSL free

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