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  • New Servant VPS RAM
    15,29€/Mes 10% Dcto **
    60GB Space + 60GB Backup
    60 Domains (1 Free)
    Limitless transference
    3x vCPU/6GB RAM
    Connection 100Mbits
    1 IP V4
    Access SSH/WEB/FTP
    ** code: VPSRAM2018
  • Hosting & Servidores VPS High performance
    It wants to know but?
  • Special Hosting Wordpress
    3GB space Web (Expandable until 200GB)
    1 Domain (Free to 1er year)
    Wordpress installation completes version
    Certificate SSL Free
    Daily Backup
    20 Cuentas of mail
    Firewall+Backup+Proteccion+Aceleración units I broke free
  • Web from 95€
    Pack Is present at
    Web Responsive adapted to multiple devices
    Domain Free -
    Hosting Free
    Data bases Mysql
    Email with Anti Virus/SPAM
    Web HTML5 of 2-3 Sections

1) First step: It finds your name in Internet

2) Segundo Paso:   He selects to plan of Hosting/Pack Web

- You have several plans of HOSTING, to begin to make your Web, and easily fast.

- If you want to make your Web and you do not have technical knowledge, you do not worry you can do it with WEBFACIL,
a system totally visual type to drag & to drop much more easy whom Office.

- If you prefer that we do it, chooses a PACK-WEB yet including,
you only must choose the name and we were in charge of everything.

What is the day of Internet?

Díadeinternet is a project in network that arises from the society, by the society and for the society. He is open to the voluntary and gratuitous participation of all.

The event tries to present the possibilities the new technologies to improve its citizen and standard of life of the towns.
One of the key aspects of díadeinternet is the freedom of each group to decide what does, how it does and to whom it directs his activities. All can decide their degree of implication and all the same importance is clear to them.

Taking advantage of that stops the next month the day of Internet is celebrated we offer some advice to you for yours you sin

Safe Internet
To see but advice courtesy of CompuPrint Services Web

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Our Hosting Soporta

Data bases Mysql
PHP 5x, JS, Java and .NET


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