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Judging to “Anonymous? Spain

It takes the judgment against the “dome of Anonymous? in Spain


Today it takes the judgment against the “dome of Anonymous? in Spain. Three are the defendant who feel in the bench to give continuity to this process, first in their class in the Spain, that will determine its culpability in the perpetrated computer science attack against the Web of the Congress, the one of the Central Electoral Meeting and the one of the UGT in May of 2011 with intention to block them and to prevent their access to the citizens.

Along with it, also one accuses of the participation in the assault and blockade to them of several Webs of multinational companies as Sony, of virtual equipment of banks as the BBVA or Bankia or of webpages of controversial governments as those of Egypt, Libya, Iran or Algeria. Although these supposed participation have become by association to the world-wide group of Anonymous.

Almost 1600 folios in phase of instruction have determined that the three people who compose the supposed “dome of Anonymous?, would have participated 18 and 19 of May of 2011, in attack DDOS to the servant of the Central Electoral Meeting, that received more than two million requests in hardly a minute and that managed to knock down it. Additionally it was determined that these actions supposed the normal affection of correct operation of the services of e-mail and Web of the Electoral Meeting and that, by extension, prevented the previous proceedings to the electoral process.

Finalized the instruction, the Office of the public prosecutor, in his writing of accusation and opening of the oral judgment, it asks for five years of jail for one of the defendant to be understood that “they comprised of the Anonymous group and prepared denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) against the computing environment of the Central Electoral Meeting, the webpage of union the UGT and the one of the Congress. This attack in an important manner affected to the normal operation of the services of e-mail and to the Web of the JEC, preventing the previous proceedings to the electoral process?

Of what it is exactly blamed the member assumptions of the dome of Anonymous in Spain?

The Office of the public prosecutor accuses to them mainly of two crimes. For two of their members, R.T.S and D.L.I request four years and five months of prison by a crime of continued damages and eleven months of jail by integration in criminal group, a crime for which Spanish penal code punishes with the pain of three months to a year of jail, agravated in addition by condition “to be formed by a high number of people? (CP, to 570ter 1c, 2a).

In the first crime, by that four year and a half are requested, the one of continued crimes of damages, the penal code in its article 264 anticipates that, those that by any means, without authorization and of serious way it would erase, would damage, aggravate, alter, suppress or make inaccessible computer science data, software or other people's electronic documents, when the produced result outside burdens, will be punished with the prison sentence of six months to three years, with the aggravating one.

In addition, of pain superior of two to a five years (case that occupies us) when the aggravating one of in its section two occurs of which by the action of the crime damages of special gravity affected to a lifted number of computer science systems are generated, would have been made within the framework of a criminal organization or, with the commission of the crime the operation of services essential public or the provision of goods of first necessity would have been harmed seriously.


One accuses crimes to them of continued damages and integration in criminal organization

In this same line for the third defendant, J.M.Z.F., the Office of the public prosecutor asks for the same pains reduced in two months with respect to the R.T.S and D.L.I. Now, and while the phase of the oral judgment, the doubts is developed on the instruction, the development of the procedure and the existence of a crime brought about by the bodies and forces of security of the state, they are dimming part of this procedure, first in its class, Spain.

The supposed commission of the crimes, in the middle of the boiling of 15M and with the force and big drum that the one that the Police announced the halting of the dome of Anonymous, throws doubts on if it is going away to deal with exceptional form by the publicity of the subject, or although they have been finished becoming heads of Turk of something greater.

At the moment, several voices aim at that sufficient elements as so that the tribal one do not exist it considers, practiced the test (that is to say, the phase of the process in which the test admitted by the Court or Court is examined), the existence of a crime of such the three gravity as to send to defendant four years to the jail, and more with the report of the JEC that elevates the whatever of the damages to the 700 Euros.

Now, without jurisprudence on the subject that allows to do to us an idea than will happen in the phase of conclusions and later sentence, the judgment to the dome of Anonymous starts with the doubts on the process and, mainly, if it is going to have justice in the own result.

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