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It creates his own professional mail of collaboration with the name of his domain, Exchange Mail is a product of lodging of professional mail that works in its own domain.

Their numerous functionalities, thought to facilitate the interchanges and the work in equipment, make of Exchange Mail the system of mail preferred by the professionals. Thanks to the 50GB of storage space that offers CompuPrint to him for each account Exchange Mail, it will be able to store all important conversations in the same place.

It will be able to manage his servant of mail with Outlook (optional license), webmail OWA (Outlook Web App) or from his smartphone thanks to the synchronization of the messages between his different devices.

List of credits

  • 50 GB by account
  • Lodged in Europe
  • Exchange licenses Standard
  • Availability of 99.8%
  • Customized domain (not including)
  • Multidominio
  • Lists of diffusion
  • More than 40 functionalities
  • Outlook and webmail OWA
  • Anti-virus/Antispam
Annual payment: 59,88€ by account || Prices IVA NOT including
Maximum size of the shipments: Smtp 100MEGABYTE/Outlook Web App 35MEGABYTE/ActiveSync 10MEGABYTE


Functions thought for companies. With version 2013/16, the list of functionalities of Microsoft Exchange grows. Their possibilities of creation in collaboration and shared use of the data allow their employees to work in equipment and to share the information quickly: calendar, contacts, management of the resources…

A product to size

CompuPrint adapts and it guarantees the fast put to him into operation of his mail. Exchange needs a domain in which to be based, whose management can trust or not to CompuPrint. In addition, if already Exchange with another supplier is using, we can realise the migration towards CompuPrint without it loses the data and without interruptions of the service.

Movable navigation

It accedes to his Exchange account from his smartphone, tablet, table computer… Its mail goes with you, like its calendars and contacts. Very practitioner for its trips and displacements.

Exchange ActiveSync
Activesync Exchange

It accedes to its Exchange account from his smartphone, tablet, table computer… Its mail goes with you, like its calendars and contacts. Very practitioner for its trips and displacements.

Consultation of the old mail offlinel

With ActiveSync de Exchange, it will be able to synchronize all actions and to see the changes in all the devices (smartphone, client of mail Web, computer). The confusions finished: its Exchange always will be updated.

Outlook Web App
Outlook Exchange

OWA (Outlook Web App), that allows the users to accede to its mail from a navigating Web, already is optimized for touch screen.

Smart Search

The technology Smart Search considers its use of Exchange to optimize the results search.

Shared calendar

The calendar including in Microsoft Exchange facilitates the annotation of appointments and the organization of meetings. In addition to indicating the participants, it will be able to establish one hour and a subject, to select a room or to consult the availability of the guests. And, by all means, it can share his calendar or authorize his consultation by another collaborator.

Address book

It can elaborate strategies for the address book with the purpose of to offer customized views of the global list of directions. The segmentation of the global list allows to create a virtual separation between users to optimize the lists of directions of each group of collaborator.

Its data in a safe place
Activesync Exchange

Certainly it keeps sensible information. For that reason, CompuPrint especially offers an infrastructure to him designed to guarantee the confidentiality of all the transactions. Every day, without no surcharge, CompuPrint realises at least one backup copy of its service in another servant. Thus, although some material failure takes place, its data always will be protected.

Infrastructures of vanguard

Each servant Exchange Mail counts on one double connection, two different power supplies and two different investors connected by two I connect of network to two separated commutators. As far as enrutado and the spaces of storage, both are completely superfluous.

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