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300,000 million of emails are sent about to the day in the world, so to choose a good service of e-mail it is fundamental. For that reason if the mail becomes a key piece of your work, or you are independent or a company, agrees to reflect on the benefits and advantages that offer the different suppliers and applications to you from mail. And what is more important, which really adapts to which you need, without extra additions and having to accept uncomfortable functionalities or limitations.

We give 5 reasons to contract Professional Mail you Exchange

In CompuPrint we know it rather clearly. For that reason we give 5 reasons you obvious to contract your Professional Mail Exchange:


With the Professional Mail Exchange in addition to contributing to your company the benefits of a professional management of the mail, you will be able to synchronize calendars and contacts, to share and to publish Office documents, to assign tasks, to realise surveys, to summon meetings, from an only interface


You will not be tied to your job since the Professional Mail Exchange is available for the different movable platforms: (iPhone, android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile) and it allows to synchronize and to share contacts, notes and calendars between different devices: mobile, PC, portable, PDA, tablets, etc. Increasing the productivity of the company and without limitations of shipments/receptions.


Because Professional Mail Exchange guarantees the access and safe shipment to you of the mail through authentication protocols and has a safe and effective system of antiSpam and anti-virus that you can activate for the exclusive filtrate of post office nonwished or harmful. And, mainly, by the security and reliability of the system of backup with resulted storage and high availability, since the information is lodged in our data centers of Europe and you can at any time recover it and before any disaster.


To contract the Professional Mail Exchange does not force to you to make great investments, nor to have qualified technical personnel or servers of spare part mail. One is a flexible solution and without limitations of benefits that offer the scalability and migration to virtual solutions with greater personalisation and yield of the platform.


To the knowledge that with Professional Mail Exchange not only accounts with technical and customized attention 24×7, but we advised to you to form your solution adapted based on the importance of the tool of mail in your company.

Recueda that CompuPrint offers professional mail exchange from 4,99€/Mes with the following typical:

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  • - 50GB Space/Counts
  • - Synchronization by Activates Sync
  • - Lodged in Europe
  • - Outlook Webmail
  • - Anti-virus/AntiSPAM
  • - High Availability SLA 99.8%
  • - Customized domain (not including)
  • - Lists of diffusion
  • - Exchange license Standard
  • - Export to PST (Soon available import)
  • - Complementary products 365 Office and Lync

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