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Pokémon Go has access to personal data without you find out

While You play the Pokémon Go the company has access to your personal data without you find out

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Pokémon Go is a phenomenon, of this is no doubt, apart from which the options that offer and the future that explains for Nintendo within the world smartphone it seems promising. But everything is not as beautiful as it pretends, since shortage is had that Pokémon Go, has complete access to our account of Google.

This that means? A risk of security, since the application, that at the moment is only available in some regions, asks for necessarily access to us to our account of Google to be able to play, but without informing what type of information is to which he accedes.

All our data in Google exposed

Niantic is the company in charge of the development of the application Pokémon Go for Nintendo, who already installed the application will have seen that only there are two methods to accede to the game, one is with our account of Google and another one is by means of an account in, but the site of Pokémon at the moment does not allow to create new accounts, so the only option is by means of Google.

Pokemon Go

When selecting the option of Google we will nothing else see the classic screen of access to the services of the company and, entered and never one inquires to us which are the data to which the application has access, because directly we will return to the game to the configuration screen.

Pokemon Go and Google Security

The surprise comes when entering our profile of security of Google, within the connected applications, we see that Pokémon Go has “total access? to our data. Google explains what means this type of access:
If you allow the complete access, the application will be able to see and to modify almost all the information of your account of Google, but it will not be able to change the password, to erase the account nor to realise payments in your name with Google Wallet.
It is possible that some applications of Google are in the list with complete access the account. For example, it is possible that you see that the application of Google Maps that you unloaded for your iPhone has complete access.
We recommended you that only you grant this privilege of complete access to the account to the applications of confidence that you have installed in your computer, telephone or tablet.
If you granted complete access to an application which you do not trust or that you do not recognize, we recommended to you to just by revoke to click it in the button To revoke access.

Briefly, Niantic and Nintendo have access a:

- To read all our e-mails
- To send e-mails to our name
- To accede to our archives in Google Drive, including the eliminated ones
- Access to file of navigation, searches, maps and locations
- Access to all our photos in Google Photos
- And generally to all the information stored in Google

The only solution until the moment is to revoke the access to the application, which means that we will not be able to play until Niantic informs what was what happened and solves this failure giving the option to create an account within the same app, or, the website of Pokémon qualifies the option again to create accounts.

Note: Niantic has confirmed that the one that Pokémon Go asks access complete to our information in Google must to error in programming, since the application must only have access to the basic information of the account as YOU GO and email address, for that reason already are working in solving this failure that will have to be ready in the next days. Anyway, he is something that we must always consider when installing new applications in our terminals, since sometimes we give too many, unnecessary permissions and an apparently inoffensive application, can get to cause true problems to us

This problem of security and privacy of Pokemon is one more of many and demonstrates to the little attention of all the industry of the electronics and software by our privacy and security.

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