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Terms and conditions that you accept in WhatsApp

Terms and conditions that you accept in WhatsApp

Conditions use in whatsapp

The next time, before accepting without reading some terms and conditions of use, tomato the time before and reads them, because you can be giving your soul to him to the devil, we summarized those to you of the famous program of mail:

1. Confidentiality

WhatsApp does not guarantee the confidentiality and security of the information that joint parties, such as the text messages, messages of audio, photos and contacts.

2. Only for majors of “age?

According to the conditions of WhatsApp it only is for adults of 16 years.

3. Change of rules when it wants

WhatsApp can change its conditions of use when it wishes at any time and, does not matter that they are changes that negatively affect the users to them, in case you do not agree simply you must stop using its services.

4. Transmitted data erasures, these safe?

The data transmitted by means of WhatsApp never are eliminated of their servers, although they say the opposite to you, they always will have a copy of that information, the only thing that beams are to eliminate it of your movable device. But fix you to the sentences of some courts, that use messages of whatsapp, I assure to you that the prosecuted ones, have erased them and requeteborrado…

5. They have robbed to me and now that?

If your mobile is robbed or WhatsApp is lost does not become person in charge of the evil use that third parties give him to the application.

6. Rights of Author

WhatsApp does not become person in charge of information protected by author rights who are stored in the application, all responsibility and consequences fall on the user who uses the application.

7. Data summary, because no?

WhatsApp compiles information the numbers of the contacts that you have kept in the mobile, also does not compile but any information of your contacts has access such as telephone numbers, names, physical address, e-mails, etc.

8. Data and but data

WhatsApp compiles your personal information and of your movable device.

9. Without right to rechistar.

The user accepts not to harm the name of WhasApp in no kind of problem that can happen by means of which the use of the application has participated.

10. Cakes and cookies several.

When you use the website of WhatsApp as for example you accept the use of cookies, as it is it in the majority of the websites at the moment.

11. Thank heavens that does not sell to us

WhatsApp does not sell your personal information with third parties (Something that many companies do).

If something breaks, I wash the hands

WhatsApp is not made person in charge control the information who is shared that she can cause to him with some type of damage.

WhatsApp makes clear that the commercial use is prohibited

WhatsApp makes clear that the commercial use is prohibited, being limited the strictly personal use. For several times throughout its conditions. This can be considered jumped by all the organizations who communicate by WhatsApp (gross error, by the way), but still more by that conduct commercial operations directly through WhatsApp. From portals of transaction (a well-known Spanish portal directly indicates if the salesman is contactable by WhatsApp) to all the, public relations that operate by means of WhatsApp with their clients. And thus we can take it to a good number of labor relations.

Prescription of denunciations?

Any incident that happens to us with WhatsApp has a term of a year to denounce itself. Spent that year, it will be considered that the incident has prescribed and we will not have anything to do with WhatsApp.

So there are no excuses, if at some time you are blocked by Whatsapp, or you know as they are the rules of the game, that you accept when it register to you, the terms and conditions of use, that always we advised to read before signing or installing any program or software. In the same way we did not recommend to you to use alternative versions, nonofficials of Whatsapp, as it they can be WhatsApp Extra or others.

We advised to you to read the terms and conditions of use of whatsapp in its Web

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