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WhatsApp has its own code of conduct and you could be suspended

WhatsApp has its own code of conduct and you could be suspended

Blocked in whatsapp

Although you do not create it, the famous WhatsApp has its own code of conduct and you could be suspended by the service of mail if violas one or several of its norms.

These norms have to be fulfilled if it is desired to continue using the service of mail. There are certain actions that, to be realised, can cause the blockade of the user, which can be temporary or permanent. Some of these actions that can cause a temporary suspension to you are the following:

1. To promote as a Spam some product or a website

If the company detects that in just a short time you they have blocked x number of people, is very probable that WhatsApp blocks your account, temporarily while investigates the process.

2. When many users have blocked to you as contact

When selecting the option of Google we will nothing else see the classic screen of access to the services of the company and, entered and never one inquires to us which are the data to which the application has access, because directly we will return to the game to the configuration screen.

3. To create groups with unknown people

If many groups are created, made up of users who do not have you in their list of contacts, and if it sends the same message to many users or you use the resource of diffusion lists, WhatsApp it will catalogue to you because you send Spam and they will suspend the service to you of mail.

4. To supplant the identity of another person

If the WhatsApp under the identity of another person is used, not only you bloquería the account, but also you can cause consequences at legal level. So taken care of [email protected] [email protected]

5. To send what lamentably you do not have

WhatsApp does not tolerate that their users send illegal contents, obscene, racist or criminal. Either this allowed, sending messages with virus or links to suspicious websites and commanding content that this protégé by author rights.

6. The automatic messages

The systems of automatic shipment of messages, as Wget, Bench Apache, Mswebstress, Httpload, Blitz, Xcode Automator or Android Monkey between many others, are prohibited. like to try to accede, without authorization, to the systems or the networks of the WhatsApp service it can mean a suspension of the account.

So there are no excuses, if at some time you are blocked by Whatsapp, or you know as they are the rules of the game, that you accept when it register to you, the terms and conditions of use, that always we advised to read before signing or installing any program or software. In the same way we did not recommend to you to use alternative versions, nonofficials of Whatsapp, as it they can be WhatsApp Extra or others.

We advised to you to read the terms and conditions of use of whatsapp in its Web

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