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5 reasons because the updates for CMS are important

Sometimes you have wondered yourself why is and why it is needed to update regularly?

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Without in detail entering on the types of CMS and their updates, we showed 5 different reasons here to you to maintain your up-to-date system:

1. Protection against attacks of hackers

The use of any digital product is something that always raises the question of how to use the same surely. It does not matter how good and developed a product it can be, never one can be 100% insurance. Also there are people dedicated to the search of weakness in digital products and consequently to take to end hostile attacks. The responsibility to close any vulnerability of security falls to the promoter of the CMS at issue. As soon as it is identified a problem is when the updates are sent generally to the market. If you maintain your up-to-date CMS to date you will be exempt of potential problems.

2. A CMS is not perfect

Each CMS has different elements that are optimized and evolved with time. The systems of management of contents are products that belong to a continuous process and the manufacturers must work continuously to maintain them safe and to the day for the clients.

3. Technical problems and errors

The programmers and developers with vast experience even can commit errors that are not discovered immediately, or can not be compatible with others plugins. Errors of programming, bugs or compatibility must be detected and in time be corrected with the updates.

4. Constant development

The standards always change and sometimes the developers that want to improve their products the aim to give to their clients or users more functions and characteristics.

5. Cost

Normally it is much more easy and more cheap to maintain regularly the CMS to do against the consequences that could happen in the case of hackeos to your Web.

What happens when I cannot install updates?

If you have installed an update, and never you are convinced that it is not necessary to do it because you are satisfied with your “old? CMS, please it considers the problem of security for you and your clients. Not only you are risking the functionality of your Web, but also your credibility online of your clients.

What I must pay attention to during the update?

It is not only at the time of the design of your website, but the complete system, always is due to have well-taken care of when updating its CMS. To make a backup copy of all the important data before installing an update. Of not knowing what is and how to do it, he would be better to ask somebody than it knew.

All the Webs created by bekkos that use any CMS, will receive the updates of security automatically, with our plans of hosting has access to you complete them versions of the CMS but used of the market, it consults availability.

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