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The new conditions of the WhatsApp: all the changes that affect to you as user

The new conditions of the WhatsApp: all the changes that affect the user

new conditions of whatsapp

WhatsApp changes to its terms and conditions with several clauses that do not like and wake up the critic. Most outstanding and announced it is that it will share your data with Facebook; in addition to different commercial information related to you and your contacts. One will stay the privacy and the confidentiality, but before alarming to us or to make use at the top to us. This movement is quite logical in two companies that keep a very great one to each other to be able commercial. WhatsApp insists on the advantages that supposes to cross information with Facebook, but is not that one the only introduced change.

WhatsApp announces a change in the privacy policy and will begin to share its data as the number with Facebook, the company owner.

The terms on watch change for the first time in four years

WhatsApp had been a little more 4 years without changing to its terms and conditions

I already received the confirmation message. In order to see it is enough with updating to the last version of WhatsApp. I have the beta, but she also arrives at the stable version.

Although there are recent changes in the own application (you can appreciate it if you are usuary of the beta, I will comment it more ahead), it is in the terms on watch and legality where WhatsApp realises the profound changes. Concerning messages, implicit calls and other functions in app we will not appreciate imminent changes. Beyond the warning of acceptance.

First that is appraised the warning of which the conditions have changed with a link on “Lee?? who it takes to the use terms. It appears the green button “To accept? to assume the new conditions. And you can deny the consent for “sharing the information of my account of WhatsApp with Facebook? if beams the following thing:

  • In the initial screen you will see that there is a small one shoots with an arrow in the low part. It beats in her.
  • It appears a new warning where some conditions including itself connections to the policy of privacy and terms are specified on watch.
  • It unmarks the cross and it beats in “Accepting?.
New terms of whatsapp

This way you will not share the information of the account to improve the experience on Facebook. That yes both companies will continue crossing your data as they specify the conditions on watch that you only accept to use WhatsApp (read them more down). And according to brand the own poster that you must accept, in no case the phone number nor the chats with Facebook share neither; they will continue being anonymous; although yes they are used to formalize services of automatic way.

When you accept the conditions without giving the explicit consent to share the information of your cuentadispondrás until the 25 of September to retract to you and to offer this consent.

The new terms on watch vary noticeably in several important points. Most outstanding it is the intimate relation between Facebook and WhatsApp, but he is not the unique thing that must matter to you.

Some of the legal changes that merit your attention

  • WhatsApp will not have banners advertising; although yes that you will be able to receive commercial supplies of the future commercial profiles.
  • The calls of WhatsApp never will offer services in emergency.
  • The age of use is reduced from the 16 years to the 13 years. Always following the laws of the country and with necessity of the paternal consent in the case of minors.
  • The possibility of collection by the service of WhatsApp is mentioned and that will not exist any option to the reimbursement.
  • \ Is specifically mentioned {strong} the prohibition to use an account of WhatsApp in more of a device.
  • The utilistingzación of VPN, proxy or changes of IP to hide the identity is prohibited.
  • In addition to sharing with the service the contacts that use WhatsApp, also specific the access to the rest of contacts.
  • iCloud could be added to Google Drive as option for backup copies in iPhone: it appears the explicit mention.
  • The popular photos and videos \ {strong} could be conserved in the servers of WhatsApp by space of 30 days.
  • Any service of WhatsApp, Facebook or companies of the group will be able to be promoted in WhatsApp.
  • The option exists to ask to him to WhatsApp that eliminates a photo, state, message… by copyright infraction.

Now you will be able to communicate directly with WhatsApp to solve doubts or to denounce action or contacts that you consider unsuitable.

These are some of the most important changes within the terms and conditions of use. There will be more commercial presence in WhatsApp, the connection with Facebook will be narrower and we will have professional accounts that could be promoted within the service of mail.

WhatsApp now has a guide for the representation of the brand

Another one of the new features, mainly for means and companies that use the services of WhatsApp, is that now the lines of design will be due to respect. The company has published an extensive guide with all the details. Logo, colors, sources… To modify a copyright infraction supposes them.

WhatsApp clarifies it at the end of the use guide:

This guide clarify the ways in which you can and you cannot use the brand of WhatsApp for marketing communications and other sources. This guide of design also has excellent legal elements to the use of the resources name brand of WhatsApp…

All the ways are included in which the brand can be used so much as logo and designs within campaigns of communication, means and other companies. Totally it is prohibited to use it for commercial aims. The company armors thus its corporative image.

New design for the screens of beginning of account

You have already seen that WhatsApp puts special emphasis in its image name brand. And this emphasis also arrived at the registry screens: the new minimalist style for the menus and presentations adapts.

We took to time anticipating the fusion of services between WhatsApp and Facebook; and this one could be the first step to take to end the movement. It is clear that Facebook wants to remove slice from the immense potential of users that has the service of mail. So far, it will have the telephone of each of his users.
But information on the conditions and terms of whatsapp here.

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