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The new technological challenges of the insuring industry

The new technological challenges of the insuring industry

This sector, as many, not only is forced to evolve next to the digital technology, but to also adapt to the new models of business.


It is not difficult to perceive that we are living in an era in which our daily life is impossible to take it without the technology. We did not finish waking up and we are already reviewing our smartphone, and if we are going to exercise itself we used smartwatch to know the data the physical activity that we do.

This situation, to its way, also is reflected in the enterprise scope, circumstance that generates important changes in the operation of the companies.

According to some organizations integrated by different companies from insurances in several countries, during the last decade four technologies have been developed mainly that impel the growth of the shared economy:

1. Storage in the cloud

It is a service that keeps information through Internet that has begun to be used to make agile processes, to simplify the change of some models of business and of reducing operative expenses.

2. Social networks

They are tools that allow to contact direct between the consumer and the company. At the moment, more of 90% of the users of Internet they have access to some social platform.

3. Big dates and analytical

One is values obtained from the analysis of great volumes of data that allow to generate projections, to detect tendencies, etc.

4. Mobility

The height of the movable devices has lead to the birth of new models of business by means of the movable applications.

As we can observe, the technology has become the main impeller of innovating processes and enterprise transformation in multiple industries, and among them the insuring industry excels.

keon For that reason some companies of this sector as keonline Safe in Vigo now counts on platforms Web that allow to make contact with the users by means of diverse tools online to quote, to evaluate and to consult covers of all the insurances that offer so much to personal level as enterprise.

In that context, the insurance companies must pay special attention not only to the channels that allow the communication 24 hours with their clients, but also to the tendencies and opportunities that the markets present to them, as the securing of drones and independent vehicles, that will change the conditions of the insurances for cars, among others things.

The new technologies cause that it increases the competitiveness between the companies of the insuring sector, especially in the quality of the service that these offer, generating a very positive impact in this industry around the world.

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