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Migration of your present hosting to our servers

Migration of your present hosting to our servers

We help our clients to realise the migration free of charge.


If you have your Web or Webs in a servant with cPanel, Plesk or VestaCP at the moment, contacts with us since in the majority of the cases the migration can be realised of automatic and gratuitous form, depends on the present supplier of hosting.

During the migration process your websites and your e-mails NEVER will fall nor will have cuts of the service, since we will change the DNS after realising the migration of the content of the servers of your present supplier to our servers.

  1. It contacts with us so that we can know envelope that platform at the moment works (n) your (s) Web (s) and of this form to know the difficulty the migration, also we can inform to you before any doubt that can arise to you.
  2. If we affirmatively answered the migration free and automatic to you, you can make the hiring of the new plan of Hosting/VPS that you need, once contracted, must pass the necessary data of access to the old supplier and the all data for the migration to our department of support from the area of clients. In case that the automatic migration gratuitous is not possible, we offer the possibility to you also of realising the migration we by means of a corresponding budget.
  3. If the data are correct and technically this whole OK, we will assign a date to you and hour approximated for the migration or we will date it with you to do it to the hour that better agrees to you. During the migration process you will be able to consult any doubt to us that you have on the migration of your Web and your post office to our servers.
  4. When it arrives the day and the hour, our technical support will safely realise the migration of all the websites previously decided and the accounts of e-mail previously decided. If during the migration process it happens any error, at no moment we will leave your fallen Webs.
  5. When finalizing the migration we will put ourselves in touch with you so that you review that this whole, you have three days labor to confirm itself that this all correct one, if passed three days labor all this correct one we will give the closed case by and the migration process finalizes.

To see all the plans of Hosting

We realise migrations for all the new realised hirings, but already you have a product of hosting contracted with us, you can put in touch with us if you want to you to migrate any type of Web, we will be enchanted to inquire into the possibilities that exist.

All previously mentioned he is applicable to all our products: hosting shared and servers VPS, including all the types of servers and services of lodging that we have in our catalogue, except packs micron.

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