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Snowden was right: Microsoft blames the NSA of the failure that used WannaCry

Snowden was right: Microsoft blames the NSA of the failure that used WannaCry

  • The vulnerability that used WannaCry was developed by the NSA of the United States, according to has confirmed officially Microsoft.
  • The attack of ransomware affected to more than 200,000 people and 150 countries.

Everything began with ciberataque to Telefónica, that soon extended by everybody until becoming an authentic world-wide nightmare. Ransomware that affected to great companies, hospitals public and governments at international level brought about the propagation of WannaCry, a malicious software that could be restrained thanks to an ingenious idea that only cost ten dollars.

The security attack affected to thousands of computers anywhere in the world that used the operating system Windows, blocking the access to the archives of hard disks and the units of network to which they were connected. Consequently, a rescue appeared a message in the screen demanding of approximately 300 dollars in bitcoins in exchange for decodeing the archives. The global problems brought about by WannaCry took to Edward Snowden, ex- analyst of the Agency of National Security of the United States (NSA, in English), to blame to the organization of the vulnerability that took advantage of malicious software.

According to it confirmed the National Center of Intelligence, the attack of ransomware took advantage “a vulnerability described in the bulletin MS17-010 using EternalBlue/DoublePulsar, that can infect to the rest of connected systems Windows in that same network which properly they are not updated. The infection of a single equipment can get to jeopardize to all the corporative network?. This vulnerability was communicated by Microsoft the past 14 of March in a bulletin, that was ignored by many of the affected organizations that did not update their equipment properly.

The multinational has made public an official notice now where it confirms the fears advanced by Snowden. Microsoft admits that WannaCry takes advantage a failure developed by the own NSA and that it was robbed of the agency, that communicated it at the beginning of year. “The attack offers another example exceeds why the storage of vulnerabilities on the part of the Governments is a problem?, they criticize from Microsoft.

WikiLeaks published vulnerabilities stored by the company in a series of documents well-known as Vault 7 at the beginning of March of 2017. Microsoft puts now center in failure robbed to NSA, that has been taken advantage of in the attack ransomware that has harmed to more than 230,000 equipment and 179 countries, according to data of the National Institute of Ciberseguridad (INCIBE). “This last attack represents a nondeliberate, but amazing connection, between the two more serious routes of threats of the ciberseguridad in the world: the actions of state agencies and the criminal action?, they conclude in the official notice.

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