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5 habits of the successful people who you can imitate

5 habits of the successful people who you can imitate

Many successful people do not come from a gold cradle, they began from zero but they focused in the goals and today they are admired by million. These are some of the habits that many of those people follow and who demonstrate that always you will be a passage in front of others if you follow them.

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It wakes up early

You are not going to obtain much if you leave the awakener sounds to nine in the morning and salts of the bed until the 10. Tim Cook, director of Apple, awake to the 3:45 a.m. Michelle Obama to the 4:30 and Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, do to the 5:15. The excuses always will be, but it depends on you to finish with them.

He establishes objectives

First that you would have to do is a list with the things to turn that day, it is better if you write them from the previous night and wide-awake with the clear mind than you must do. Nevertheless, also he thinks about the objectives to medium and long term. You want a scholarship abroad? It looks for the institutions and the papers that you need, to medium term can be the courses or abilities that you need to gain that scholarship. It plans, that is the key.

Not more days zero

Perhaps sometimes you feel that there are days that you waste completely. It thinks about what is what causes that they are thus and you do not leave happens again. Perhaps he is because you pass the day seeing series, reviewing social networks and you leave hours pass them. Your objectives always ten in mind. Perhaps you are going to see series or films, but they will be only those that leave something you new, that makes think or changes your perspective you. If you are in social networks, it all along sees the sites of gratuitous courses and improvement.


80% of your results arise from 20% of your actions. For that reason the priorities must be clear. You do not believe that everything will render fruits so it focuses your energy in which really he will be feasible.


One is not to hear, but to listen. The things that are under your control, and so agree, but mainly what it confronts to you and shows your errors to you. Here you would have to also understand that they are the errors which teaches and they let you grow. If everything left perfectly from the first moment, you would not understand the value of a victory. Books as the Biography of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk is inexhaustible sources of inspiration to begin to undertake by your account and to find that the success is not moderate in money but in which you you consider that it lets you grow as person.

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