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Administered or not administered Servant VPS?

Administered or not administered Servant VPS?

Nowadays it is easy to create a Web or a service in Internet than we want, but always we have a dilemma if we wished something better than simple hosting, I buy an administered servant VPS or no.

to choose best vps administered


In a literally administered service “your you do not stew it, your you eat it?, because you would not count with the help of the company, because the salesmen of the service are only commercializing you their hardware, and so if does not fail some component of the machine the thing is yours. Obvious it has his advantages, because he is much more economic that one administered, with sticks it of which requires of your time and knowledge.

On the other hand a service of vps or administered servers, has the advantage of which if you have some problem, or of software or hardware they are going it to you to solve, and so the knowledge level falls enormously with respect to the previous case. But as before, everything he is not perfect, his disadvantage, he is that he is more expensive, which is logical, because these paying to a reliable technician so that your possible problems or doubts.

Not that he differentiates exists between hosting and a servant vps?

Already positions, we solve doubts of nascent, the differences between hosting, vps and a servant is quite simple:

  • Hosting is as a building, in live 30 people for example, and so the resources share between all, each with its proportional quota, which would correspond to a door of a floor. (Obvious they are of hundreds of people)
  • A VPS is as a terraced house, in live 10 people for example, the resources share, but more freedom exists much, obtaining permissions for serious reforms and your owner of one of those shawls of the group with your resources marked in a quota of the community that serious the top of the machine that lodges to you.

NOTE: Finally I will say that companies of hosting exist many, but you remember that nothing is free, you read the small letter, because all the plans supposedly limitless 100% have a top. Even ours.

In bekkos we offer all our not administered administered VPS to price of. It is why we are sure that our prices and attention will surprise.

You look for vps or administered servant I recommend to you, especially by support subjects, count on a fast attention, they were never delayed much in responding and if it arises to you some problem or question that they do not know puts the batteries and is fighting until they solve and they detect it the problem. And by the not administered price of! He is genia?lvaro
You need hosting or fast VPS and you do not want to waste time to complicate to you with configurations, problems, unforeseen expenses and that does everything to you, this is most comfortable without a doubt. Carolina

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