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Is the positioning affected by the IP of the servant where I lodge?

Is the positioning SEO, affected by the IP of the servant where I lodge?

Really affect do the location of the servant and its direction IP the positioning of the websites?

to choose servant hosting for SEO

This is a very frequent question in forums of hosting, and that hides many myths behind. What it is spoken generally is:

  • If you want to position itself well in, contract a server in Spain.
  • If you want to position itself well in, contract a server in Mexico.
These are only two examples of affirmations that are accustomed to turns in forums of discussion, lists of mailing, companies of SEO and other companies that disclose this slanted information.

It is truth that I must contract a server in certain country to improve my position in him?

From our long experience, we can tell you that this is not thus. For many years we have seen as many webmasters are positioned in the first positions of,, and others, having its servers in as distant places as EE.UU, Germany or Holland.

In addition also it is necessary to consider that Google allows to orient the traffic according to countries from Webmaster Tools, where you will be able to choose the country to which you direct your traffic.

And if still you have left doubts, the nobody best one than the giant of the searches to demystify it once and for all:

Ace long ace your URL stays the same, your site's listing in Google shouldn't sees affected if you switch hosting companies or change your IP address. Google CEO

that is to say,

While you maintain the same URL, your ranking in Google would not have turns affected if you change of company of hosting or of direction IP.Google CEO

As I establish the location and/or public of my website?

Google (and also other finders as Bing or Yandex) allows to establish the geographic direction of a website in the tools for webmasters. International Segmentation is enough with going to the menu of Traffic search > > Country, and choosing from drop-down the country to which the contents of the website go.

If the website uses a top-level domain with a code of country (for example, .ES of Spain), then it is not possible to select any country, since Google already associates these domains to a geographic location (in this example, to Spain)

If the website uses a generic domain (.com, .org, etc) and any geographic direction in the Tools for webmasters is not introduced, then the segmentation will be based on other indications such as:

  • Direction IP of the servant
  • The information on existing location in the webpage, as which it can appear in the section of contact or enriched fragments and structured data of the Web
  • The origin of the connections to the page
  • Or any other excellent information including in Google My Bussiness (very important facing the local SEO)
These all, not exclusively use them some or others. Therefore, if a website is lodged in a servant of the United Kingdom or of Aelmania and the same it goes to the public of Spain, it will be very important to establish “Spain? in the section of “international Segmentation? of the tools for webmasters of Google (or Bing Webmasters Tools) as the country to which the contents go so that the finders know it very clearly.
Really, and following with the example, it is not obligatory to locate the webpage in a servant of Spain, is enough with forming the geographic direction of the same in the tools for webmasters of the web search engines (if your domain is .ES does not make lacking nor do this).


Google Webmaster Tools Bing Herramientas to webmaster

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