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Google will penalize websites without SSL

Google will penalize websites without SSL

Google has informed that as of October of 2017 its Chrome navigator will penalize the webpages that have not been protected with a certificate SSL.

to choose certificate SSL

Google will mark as “nonsafe? the webpages that are not protected with a certificate SSL Google CEO

The navigator will show a warning of “is not safe? if the page contains some form where the user can introduce information, and also when the visitor sails in incognito way by any page nonprotected.

This measurement is part of a gradual process. In a future version of Chrome all the webpages that are not protected by a certificate SSL will come accompanied from a message of alert in red color.

It is no wonder, once Google has applied this measurement, the other navigators as Firefox, Edge, Operate, Safari and others follow the same steps and bet more surely by an Internet.

Why they serve certificates SSL

A certificate SSL is a digital signature that allows to base the information that is sent between the Web and the visitor, protecting of robberies any private data that the users of Internet send. If a Web without certificate SSL receives personal information of a user, this information is sent of unprotected form and could be read by a third party with malicious aims.

In what it will help us to have a certificate SSL?

When having an installed certificate SSL and working in our Web, aside from the security that we offer when basing the information, we obtain more benefits related directly to the SSL use.

Certificates SSL much more offer a professional aspect to our website, the user will be able to see of simple form that their data are transmitted safely. CompuPrint Web

First of all, we offer a professional aspect much more, when having a green padlock in the bar of directions you indicate that you have protected your Web, reason why your clients will understand that you worry about them and its data, increasing of this form its loyalty did you, and not only you are going to obtain more loyalty of your present clients, but you will obtain that the new visitors that enter your Web feel more trusting, reason why increase the possibilities that they become future clients, because those are several studies that confirm that the websites that count on certificate SSL they turn better than those than do not have them.

How to protect your Web with a certificate SSL

Luckily to install a certificate SSL in your webpage is a simple process. The first step is to choose the certificate that better adapts to your webpage. There are many options, that we make your available here:

In CompuPrint you can acquire certificates SSL from 12€ that you will be able to use so much in our services of lodging Web as in the websites lodged in other suppliers.
Once acquired your certificate SSL, it follows the passages in our help to activate it in your webpage.

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