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We pass effect 2000 and now we have effect 2038

We pass effect 2000 and now we have effect 2038

Bug computer science will cause that great part of the computers, programs, servers or any type of device that uses a system of 32 bits and not has been patched fails to global scale

effect 2038

The 19 of January of the 2038, when the clock marks to the five and fourteen minutes with seven seconds of the dawn (03:14: 07 UTC), bug computer science will cause that great part of the computers, programs, servers or any type of device that uses a system of 32 bits and not has been patched fails to global scale thinking that 1901.Google CEO returns to be the year

You remember effect 2000 that as much preoccupation caused at the end of the past century? Then “effect 2038? (Y2K38 for the friendly) is something similar. Possibly it does not end up affecting to us, there is long time to patch or to replace the systems of 32 bits, but today we are going to you to count why this problem exists so that you understand well of what is had been speaking, and it will be continued doing, when they talk about to the Y2K38. We begin to hear speak frequently of the Year 2038 problems in December of the 2014, in the heat of fever of the Gangman Style. The PSY video reached the 2.147.483.647 reproductions the 3 of December of that one year, and after surpassing that YouTube number it stopped being able to count further on. Google had to patch YouTube, and the rest of the world realized of which we had a problem.

What is exactly the Year 2038 problems

The Year 2038 problems are due to the maximum capacity of bits with which that counts the systems of 32 bits. These store memory and execute their processes using 32 bits, which can imagine by a 1 or a 0, which allows allows a total of 4.294.967.296 possible combinations.

But it is necessary to consider that these combinations can be positive or negative, reason why in fact the systems of 32 bits “only? tell on 2.147.483.647 positive values superiors to zero and other 2.147.483.648 negative values. A negative value more because the zero occupy the space of the positives.

One of the systems that these processors use to count the time is the POSIX, that calculates the seconds passed from the 1 of January of 1970 to the 00:00: 00 UTC. This means, that starting off of that 1 of January of 1970, the computers of 32 bits are only able to enter the dates between the 20:45: 52 UTC of the 13 of December of 1901 until the 03:14: 07 UTC of the 19 of January of the 2038.

effect 2038 animation

Therefore, a second after the 03:14: 07 UTC of the 19 of January of the 2038 systems of 32 bits no longer will be able to count more, and will confuse the date with the 13 of December of 1901, that is the date of 1970 reference reducing the 2.147.483.647 second negatives to him.

The problem resides in the type of variable is used to keep a temporary information. If “int? is used the failure will appear, that it is the variable that is used in almost all the systems of 32 bits. Nevertheless, if unsigned is used “int? will eliminate the negative sign and will be a few years more of margin.

Bug affects mainly to the operating system Unix, that is in the guts of other systems as GNU/Linux, Android and iOS. Therefore, this sandal from almost all the mobile phones to a great part of the servers of Internet. And most disquieting it is than we do not know how they are going to act these systems that are affected not being able to count more time. Some simply could resetear their dates returning to 1901, sufficient one to create a little chaos following where it happens. But also it is possible that system failures are triggered, or that some devices go out and they do not even return to ignite. In cualqueir case you can be calm, because he is not something that really is going to us to affect.

Going to be the Y2K38 is a problem? NO

Although on the paper everything seems an almost Biblical catastrophe, really is no too much than to worry. Ten in account for example that the processors of 32 bits already for years they have been give iing to the benefit of those of 64 bits, that when having a greater capacity of bits would still take some forever in having that problem.

For example, Microsoft takes offering versions of 64 bits of its operating system from Windows XP Professional in 2005, system macOS of Apple takes being exclusive of 64 bits from Mac OS X 10,7 “Lemon? in 2011, and the first mobiles of Android with 64 bits began to arrive in 2014. Therefore, if already in 2017 the 32 bits are remaining obsolete, it is logical to think that for 2038 those of 64 bits to which little by little it is transicionando have even left also by advanced others more. After all the technology it is advancing to exaggerated steps, reason why it is difficult that it stops within 20 years we remember the 32 bits at least. And even in case still it was some system of network or secondary device anchored in the 32 bits at that time, the manufacturers have time very well to patch them with updates of software. We go, that is going to be very difficult that this problem of 2038 ends up causing some significant damage.

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