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WHOIS gratuitous Privacy

WHOIS gratuitous Privacy, hides the data of your domain free.

It hides to your data public of the WHOIS of your domains, protecting your identity as well as your Email and phone number. We offer this service to you of totally gratuitous form in the domains that you manage with us.

privacy WHOIS

What is the WHOIS?

It is the service that allows to know the availability a domain in real time and to identify to the proprietor of the same.

The ICANN (regulating international organism of Internet) forces that all the domains show to the real data of ownership and associated contacts of public form, allowing to be consulted by anyone without needing authenticating themselves or contacting with the recorder who manages the domain. Reason why it could be used by anyone for aims nonwished as for example: shipment of Spam, impersonation of the identity, campaigns of tele-marketing, infringement of the privacy, etc.

Ten in account that in case of not being real data in the WHOIS exists the possibility of losing the domain, as it stipulates the ICANN.
You can see the data of any domain through our Web, you click here to make the consultation.

I do not want that my data are seen! What I make to avoid it?

We understand much that it concerns your privacy to you in the Network, possibly more if you are an individual. By that reason we offer service to you “WHOIS Privacy? (Privacy in the WHOIS), this one allows to hide your data free you.

All the effects you will continue being the legal holder of the domain and will have total control on the same. In your area of client your data as proprietor will consist. In addition you will be able to activate and to deactivate the service at any moment, without delays. Our competition usually offers this service paying an annual quota with a cost among 4 and 15 Euros to the year. We free offer it to you along with the hiring of the domain.

** Ten in account that are extensions that do not allow the use of this service, some of them are: .ES, .IT, .FR and .EU if you want to consult others you can look for them in the Web of the ICANN

How work does the WHOIS Privacy?

At the moment at which active the service we replaced your data shown in the WHOIS by some standard. Also your email also is hidden with the format , but you will continue receiving the sent post office the email direction that you have associate in the domain. When being data standard the messages of Spam and wished calls are not reduced considerably

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