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Comparative Control Panel hosting: Plesk versus VestaCP


Nowadays many types of each, Control Panel are used with their pros and their cons, in CompuPrint we used 2, the one of Plesk

®(of payment) and VestaCP (free)

What is better, the one of payment?

As always we will respond to you that according to the needs, that you have.

  • If what you need a Control Panel, in your simple, fast and light VPS/hosting servant, VestaCP is your panel. Vesta is a gratuitous panel of management hosting that emphasizes by its easy use and handling, in addition to being very intuitive. It goes directed to the management of Web servers Linux based on PHP + BASH.
  • The main advantage that has VestaCP is that his Control Panel is very simple and is ideal for the basic users with knowledge. This Control Panel has native support to Nginx as proxy inverse of Apache obtaining to optimize the consumption of resources when frisking a great volume of static archives of the website. One of the most used at the moment is, thanks to the simplicity of its operation, robustness and rapidity. This is because he is a Control Panel that almost does not occupy resources of the machine where it works, causing that the Webs can enjoy all the resources available. The main typical are:
  • Little consumption of resources
  • Learning curve and very simple handling.
  • Possibility of statistics and basic control of resources.

Possibility of creating clústers basic of services.

  • Patches and updates released by the community, to the being a gratuitous tool, any bug of security/stability can take but in freeing itself.
  • If what search he is a complete and but professional Control Panel but with possibility of modifying multiple parameters of hosting/VPS, possibility of having resellers/remarketers and multiple installable modules. you must decide on Plesk
  • ®. After cPanel, Plesk is the Control Panel more used Web. It can be installed in systems Linux and Windows. We have different editions that allow to fit the Control Panel us to our case of use. Their main advantages are:
  • Professional support on the part of the manufacturer
  • It has an ample community behind the project that can serve as support and help to us.
  • We can use plugins external that to us functionalities provide outposts.
  • The security and yield of our servant this guaranteed.

If we have technical knowledge, we can realise customized configurations of the system.

We can create clústers of certain services.

Continuous patches and updates, to the being a tool of payment, any bug of security/stability fix it fast.
Itself without clarifying to me, what is the best Control Panel of hosting?

There is not the one best one or worse than the other, simply they are different. VestaCP, when not having professional support, although the community that is behind the project has increased years in the last, we needed to have technical knowledge of upper middle administration to solve possible incidences, however Plesk

®it has a professional support, that usually solves to the problems in brief periods of time, in addition to updates almost weekly of new functions and characteristics.

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