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This it is equipment that is going to use in the ITV to verify your car

The new norms of the ITV and the technology of the hand.

With the new norms of ITV, the technicians they will be connected to the computer of your car and will realise a switchboard analysis will look for failures and anomalies in security systems, thus finishing with another one of the extended frauds more.


ITV the 2018 changes that come

The new European directive, that will enter 2018 in force, allows them technical inspection to analyze the switchboards of the vehicles and to measure better the gas discharges. Also they become hardened and controls to majors are realised.

In the practitioner, some will begin to control themselves if the particle filters are casting or manipulated valves EGR, delicate control systems of contamination and with an expensive maintenance. Annulling them the drivers they avoided those problems and sometimes they improved the benefits of his vehicles, for that reason it was common to conduct this operation… although the car became polluting much more.

The objective of great Industry is to eliminate of the circulation the contaminating ones. At the moment the field tests, that they must be come to ruin in July and, already at the end of this year are being realised, to count on a manual that establishes the maximum limits of NOx, how to measure them… and procedures to verify that the devices have not been manipulated anticontamination. One hopes that it can be applied already in 2018.

Electronic Diagnosis!

Although to all it seems normal that these vital systems for the security are reviewed to us, is a problem. Its correct operation only can be verified acceding to the switchboard of the car, its “brain?. That implies that the manufacturer allows the access… but nowadays is received for that reason. From Aeca-ITV they describe this “kafkiana? situation as because one is security systems of obligatory revision… that it cannot be realised.

It will be necessary to incorporate in the stations of average ITV and electronic intelligence to verify these systems of diagnosis on board, but he is in the access to those data the one that could increase in price the rates of the ITV. First that we thought it is that the increase of the costs would move the user, but in Spain right now it is the Administration that determines the tariffs, for that reason there are still some fringe that to tie in this sense.

What is clear is that to day of today exists technology sufficient to make a more exhaustive control of the polluting emissions and to detect the frauds in the form of illegal manipulations effectively.

ODB - Reading diagnoses

odbUntil now the specialized factories only had the system/programs to connect to the switchboard of the car and power to review/to verify the technical problems and/or parameters of the vehicle. Now with the standarización of the connection system, it is but easy to do it and until a user without ample knowledge, it can be connected to the car and to read the possible states/diagnoses of the car, you will only need equipment similar to which we showed in the photo and a mobile phone with the suitable program.

With some of these 5 apps, you will be able to consult the parameters and errors of your car from the mobile perhaps or tablet, does not let to you modify them, but you will be able at least to read the state and knowledge previously if some failure in your vehicle exists, before taking it to the factory or to the ITV

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