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Already this here the new WhatsApp Business!

WhatsApp Business, whatsapp now legal has arrived finally for your business.

It is the new version of WhatsApp especially designed so that companies use it to communicate with their clients. Concretely, small and medium businesses, since the companies that probably have a volume of too great consultations need other specific systems of communication but, we told to the details and the differences you with whatsapp normal….

WhatsApp Business

The registry is similar

To register the account in WhatsApp Business much not difference to the registry of the normal WhatsApp. You need to verify your phone number by means of a code, and if that account belongs already to a normal account of WhatsApp, it will be requested to you that you choose where you want it to use: or WhatsApp Business or normal WhatsApp.

The first visible changes are that after verifying the Num. of telephone, when you must choose the name of the company. Unlike the names in WhatsApp, the company name is fixed and you will not be able to later change it without erasing the account and to return to create it again.

A profile for your company

In the profile you can add the direction, commercial schedule, category, description, email address and webpage of your business. All the fields are optional, so that it is decision of each company if it wants to add details more or less.

Who chateen with this account will see this new profile, but only if they enter the user profile. In fact, if already they have this phone number in his agenda, they will see the name with which they have it kept and not the name of your company.

Chat with clients, just as with people

To speak with clients in WhatsApp Business is practically equal to how the chats of WhatsApp work. You receive a notification, you can see the chats in the list of chats and within the chat you have the same options exactly to communicate to you: to send documents, photos, audio, contacts and location.

WhatsApp Business chat

Automatic messages

We begin with the main differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business: the automatic messages. In the adjustments of WhatsApp Business - > Ajustes of companies you can form 2 types of automatic messages: the messages of absence and the messages of welcome.

The message of welcome, optional, is sent to any person who contacts for the first time with the profile of your company, or that has not done it in a period of 14 days. The only one beats: the one is your mobile that sends it, so it is necessary that it is ignited and it connected.

The absence message is an auto answer to warn the clients that the message has been received, but then you cannot take care of to them. You have the option to always send it, in a customized interval or outside commercial schedule (that you must specify in your profile of company). Like in the case of the welcome message, it is only sent being the ignited and connected mobile to Internet.

WhatsApp automatic answer chat

Replaced or fast phrases

Like many chats online of atencio to the client, WhatsApp Business has fast answers. One is pre-recorded phrases to which you can assign to a short cut, useful for phrases that you must repeat time and time again. For example, you can cause that /adios is a courteous goodbye type “we hoped that returns to contact? or who /nostock are “we at this moment does not have left in stock of this article?. , etc the possibilities are almost limitless.

Exixte a button not to add them, but you must write the bar/so that WhatsApp suggests those to you you have pre-formed, allowing you to be able to publish them a little before sending them, thus to be able to personalize them but for each client.

Very basic statistics

You have an option of statistics with spent data on, messages, megas, etc. quite At the moment basic but I suppose that they evolved shortly

In conclusion a version of whatsapp for companies, at the moment a little green, but that if they continue developing can give much if, we hope that the developers continue doing their work and remains gratuitous, that comes being a point to favor for the small and medium businessmen.

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