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What importance has certificate SSL in your Web?

What importance has certificate SSL in your Web?

This certificate, which help to the user that is to say if your Web is safe, every time is acquiring greater importance. If we spoke of positioning Web, this factor is considered by Google at the time of positioning your Web. If your Web appears not surely as site, to install this certificate SSL in your Web can be the solution to that problem.

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But… what is certificate SSL in your Web?

This certificate is a security protocol, whose abbreviations are “Secure Socket Layer?. Its function consists of encriptar and basing all those data of a user in the Web. As result, those problems would be avoided that could happen in case of not having installed it. Here is the importance of having a certificate SSL in your Web.

Right now you will be wondering yourself if that Web that you finish creating has certificate SSL to do it safe. He is sencillísimo to verify if it owns it. It sees your Web and it looks at its URL. It would have to appear “https?, instead of “HTTP?. To his left, they can appear two icons. One with letter “i? within a circle indicates that she is not safe. If beams click in her, will show a warning to you on your Web saying that he is not safe. If, on the contrary, it appears a green padlock, you can breathe calm, you have certificate SSL in your Web, reason why this one is safe.

In order to obtain a certificate SSL for your Web, you will have to go to some certificate authority. Thus the companies are called that are in charge to issue a certificate SSL for your Web. Normally, the companies of hosting that we created Webs, usually we offer this certificate already installed, reason why you would not have to worry. The lack of this certificate is, often, product of the creation of a Web on the part of an inexpert user.

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