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You have e-commerce? It takes advantage of the growth of the electronic commerce

You have e-commerce? It takes advantage of the growth of the electronic commerce

If you have a physical store or you are thinking about opening one, they ten very present the growth of the electronic commerce. A jump of your physical store to your store online can be very beneficial. In the same way, if you are determined to undertake and to create your store online, you have great opportunities to be useful. It is the case of dropshipping. You will avoid to pay rent of the premises, high invoices of electricity…

growth-del-commerce-electronic in Spain

The growth of the electronic commerce is greater year after year. Thus they have reflected it the recent studies realised in the matter of confidence online. In them, 70% of the users prefer to buy online. Of this form, they avoid unnecessary displacements and losses of time.

What profile of buyer has given rise to this growth of the electronic commerce?

According to this study, women and men buy the same. There is no a sort that prevails in the purchases online, reason why both sexes have collaborated in the growth of the electronic commerce.

These users have an average cost among 50€ and 100€. Of here, he is deduced that it is the same amount that in the traditional purchase. The amount of purchases has been of 10 annual ones by user. Apparently up to here it is the same profile of buyer. Then, what other factors have influenced in the growth of the electronic commerce?

The buyer is peculiar and it likes to be informed, reason why always it is looking for products in the Webs. If likes some and sees it a competitive price, the majority of the times does not hope to go to the stores. Purchase directly and to any hour without moving of its house. No longer so much pays attention to that they are Webs of prestigious stores. Many e-commerces are safe without being known or to belong to great companies. What yes it considers is that the product has a price inferior that in others e-commerces. As result, a growth of the electronic commerce takes place continuously.

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