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As reclaiming file outlook .pst .ost damaged

Data retrieval of mail, appointments, agenda, etc of the Outlook program

Microsoft Outlook is the standard de facto for the office communication. The complete job stream of an employee of typical office consists of tasks, contacts and interchange of e-mail in Microsoft Outlook. But, what happens if a day a blockade of the system takes place, if it fails a hard disk or if some malware attacks and corrupts the data of Outlook? Does This mean the end of the day for all their office?


It is betting to the possibility that it does not happen corruption? It considers the following thing. In surroundings of typical office, the archives of Outlook PST and OST that contain all the e-mails, tasks, appointments and contacts are the archives to which it is acceded most frequently. The computers read and write all along in these archives during the labor day, except during the pause of the lunch. If there is a file that probably is damaged or corrupted during a blackout, it would be a container of storage of Outlook. If Windows is blocked at the moment at which Outlook acceded to a file PST or OST, the corruption will take place almost inevitably. If that happens, Microsoft Outlook will not be able to accede to those data and will report a data base damaged.

The modern hard disks are made to hardly survive during the period of guarantee. The possibilities of failure of the hard disk increase exponentially after approximately 3 years of use. You do not leave a hard disk does not prepare to you!

The blackouts, the blackouts and the blackouts are becoming very common. An UPS can save it of you power shutdown, firewalls can protect against virus and malware, and the regular backup copies will again start up it if it happens something unpredictable. But, what happens if the backup copy is some of antiquity and you are in the middle of something important? What happens if it cannot be allowed to lose several days of work? It considers to repair the data base damaged of Outlook to save days to him of work!

Outlook has a built-in recoil mechanism. If Outlook detects damages in a file PST or OST, it rejects the file automatically, not allowing him to continue with his work.

Microsoft provides another level of recovery in the form of a special tool of repair of the inbox to reclaim the damaged data bases ScanPST.exe call. It affirms to reclaim the corrupt folders connectionless (* .ost) and the personal folders (.pst). Unfortunately, this level of data retrieval only can do against small problems, and frequently it fails if a more serious damage to the data base becomes. Worse still, sometimes its attempt of recovery produces damaged archives still more that the original ones. Microsoft notices that the use of that tool can cause the loss of data.

If all the other fault, consults a solution of third parties as Recovery for ToolBox Outlook The product maximizes its successful capacities to restore forces and assets and control damage of data of its archives of mailbox with all the folders of e-mail, tasks, appointments, contacts and any other data stored in archives PST and OST. Unlike many similar tools, Recovery ToolBox for Outlook can repair archives PST and OST that seriously are damaged, and even can fight with the hard consequences to execute Microsoft ScanPST.

Recovery ToolBox for Outlook allows him to accede directly to archives PST and OST, without happening through Microsoft Outlook stop. Its own algorithm implements to accede to propietary formats of Microsoft and, optionally, to turn data into a set of regular archives .eml. The toolbox is not only limited the data retrieval, which allows him to turn its archives * .pst and * .ost into a set of archives * .eml and * .vcf, or to turn the archives * .pst into format * .ost.

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