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As the hackers enter your Web using injeccion SQL

As the hackers enter your Web using injeccion SQL

Injection SQL is one of the vulnerabilities of security, more common on the Webs. Here tratarémos to in detail explain this class of vulnerabilities with the examples of bugs in PHP and possible solutions.


If you do not handle so much in technology and programming languages of Web you can ask yourself that it is SQL; well, they are the abbreviations of Structured Query Language. “de facto? it is the standard language to have access and data manipulation/data bases.

Nowadays most of websites trust a data base (generally MySQL) to store and to have access to data.

Our example will be a common form of login. The internauts see forms of login every day, you put his username and password in the formuylario and soon the servant verifies the credentials that you provided. Well, is this simple, but what happens exactly over the servant when he verifies his credentials?

The client (or the user) sends to servant two data, the user and the password.

Generally the servant will have a data base with one tabloa where the data of the user are stored. This table has at least two fields/columns, one to store the user and one for the password. When the servant receives the user and the password he will ask the data base to see if the provided credentials are valid. He will use a declaration SQL for which he can look oneself like this:

For that they do not estan familiarized with language SQL, in SQL the character ‘is used as a delimiter for chain variables. Here we used it to delimit the username and the password provided by the user.

In this example we see that the user and the provided password are inserted in the sentence between ‘and the whole sentence then is executed by the basic motor of data. If the question gives back any row, then the provided credentials are valid (that the user exists in the data base and has the password that was provided).

Now, what happens if a user writes ‘a character in the field of password or the user? Well, by putting only’ in the username field and living the field on password in target, the sentence would become:
SELECT * FROM users WHERE username=? ‘AND password=?

This would bring about an error, since the basic motor of data would consider the end of the chain in the second ‘and soon this would bring about an error of analysis in the third’ character. It goes to now that it would happen if we sent these input data:
Username: ‘OR ‘a’ =’ a
Password: ‘OR ‘a’ =’ a

The consultation would be thus:
SELECT * FROM users WHERE username=? OR ‘a’ = ' a' AND password=? OR ‘a’ = ' a'

As a always the same to a, this sentence he will give back all the rows of the table users and the servant “will think? that we provided it of valid credentials and to let enter --> injection SQL has been successful.

We are not going to give many but tracks of how to realise injections SQL, but many exist and varied forms to obtain key users/of a basic system of data. In order to avoid possible injections of code, he is always advisable encriptar the information, thus avoiding that it is possible to deceive our system, and also to avoid the possible reading of the chains of communication on the part of a hacker.

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