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Eye with themes, plugins and scripts nulled/cracked

When you use a subject/soles nulled you become a skinny favor

Today we are going to speak of a problem that affects to many bloggers and webmasters that they have WordPress or any other CMS and that although they do not realize, the fault is hers.

hacked site, wordpress

Weekly new clients arrive to us and others not so new, with websites infected, hackeados or with corrupted Trojans, websites that try to realise connections to outside or send you to another Web or make mining of criptomonedas and that in addition, affects seriously to the reputation of the Web and the project. In addition to all this if our systems detect it before it is seen seriously affected the servant, we will come to suspend the website, with the consequences that it entails for the client and his visitors

Until now we have been malware in WordPress that makes the following things:

  • It sends Spam of form uncontrolled from the servant.
  • Redirige the visits to an external Web, normally the external Web usually is pornographic or of thematic not very ethical.
  • It introduces connections in the website that take to external pages, normally of the previous category.
  • It introduces new pages to the website with little ethical content or “rare?, this can be taken to end of several ways.
  • Tools are introduced to mount attacks to other servers from the servant of your website.
  • They rob information of the data base of the website, normally we spoke of sensible data of payment or data that can be sold or be used with some aim.
  • To damage the yield of the servant executing processes without control.
It has but those are but common Now the interesting data comes, in 99% of the cases the infection is indirectly brought about directly or by the owner of hosting/Web and/or administrator of WordPress, without having nothing to do the servant or the supplier of hosting. Sure there are suppliers of hosting, that not even use anti-virus, reason why they do not detect the plagued infection until already this and/or receive an external denunciation

Of the infected ones by causes related to the administrator of the Web, 50% of the cases are caused for want of update in plugins or themes and the other 50% is caused by the installation of plugins or themes nulled that comes with small gift.

What means nulled or cracked and which are the dangers?

When we spoke of plugins, themes or scripts PHP, I finish nulled or cracked means that elements Premium by which in normal conditions it is necessary to pay, to the being are nulled or cracked, a programmer has removed the systems from license validation so that everybody can use these elements of totally gratuitous form

The use of plugins, themes and scripts nulled and cracked in addition to being little ethical (the programmers must eat) also is a VERY high risk for the security, since the programmer who have modified the code of plugin, theme or script to turn it into nulled also have been able to include malicious code camouflaged (that normally is made, nobody is little sister of the charity…) and this code can damage your website and your visitors

Which are the dangers of plugins, themes and scripts nulled? Then the listing that you have seen in the first part of the article, since in 75% of the cases, when you unload an element to you nulled or cracked you are unloading the element plus a “tuna? malware for your website or your servant.

Now the question is: Plugin is worth the trouble to you to use a subject/nulled and to risk to you by 50/100€ to that they rob to you all the information + suspends the service to you of hosting/vps + to throw by the hut all efforts + to remake the Web,

Really worth the trouble to save those is 50/100€ initial?

IMPORTANT NOTE: To remember that in bekkos we have anti-virus to you/antimalware, that detects 95% of the infections, although some can not detect, if Web is an anomalous behavior in your hosting/, although the anti-virus does not detect, we will come to suspend it the website precautionarily, we will warn to you of it and we will entrust to review your code to you Web. We also remembered the terms to you of use and the service, that you can consult here:

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