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This site uses, a software of management of contents that uses cookies for its internal operation. The use of cookies only responds to the operative needs of mentioned software. Although the USER WILL BE ABLE TO DEACTIVATE IN HIS NAVIGATOR the USE OF COOKIES IN THIS SITE, that election will be able to possibly suppose a cut of functionalities and a decrease of its experience as user of the site.

CompuPrint USES tools of pursuit of visits of third parts as Google Analytics. It considers even though when following external liaisons this site can receive cookies of other people's services, on which CompuPrint does not have control some.

Other general and/or particular legal conditions puedens to consult them in:

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Our Hosting Soporta

Data bases Mysql
PHP 5x, JS, Java and .NET


DNS Anycast

The DNS Anycast is a powerful solution that allows to accelerate the classic operation of servers DNS anywhere in the world to give shorter response times during first requests of webpages of its websites.

Location of its servers
Activation of option DNS Anycast Activation in the purchase of a new domain 2,40 € /a not by domain
(2.90 € IVA incl.) Including
Activation in the renovation of a domain Including
Activation at any time in its existing domains
Operation Time of beginning propagation/
Automatic Time of propagation in our servers
Immediate Time of maximum propagation DNS

48 hours

Location of its servers DNS

Activating option DNS Anycast, it can automatically see his registries DNS talked back in the 19 following cities:
North America Canada
Toronto EE.UU.
Chicago EE.UU.
Dallas EE.UU.
Newark EE.UU.
San José EE.UU.
Ashburn EE.UU.
Atlanta EE.UU.
Los Angeles EE.UU.
Miami EE.UU.
Europe Germany
Frankfurt Spain
Madrid France
Paris Italy
Milan Holland
Amsterdam Poland
Warsaw The United Kingdom
Asia Japan
Tokyo Singapore

* DNS Anycast offers in option during the hiring/renovation of hosting/domain


antiddos Protection anti DDos

CompuPrint, expert recognized in solutions Web, offers an infrastructure to him solid and highly available for its lodging. The only thing than will have to worry is to raise its archives and to give life to its website.

With its exclusive solution anti-DDoS, CompuPrint even guards so that its lodging is always accessible, in case of attack. This protection is essential because, as affirms Octave Klaba, “the question is not to know if it needs protection anti-DDoS, but when she will be victim of his first DDoS attack?.

What means DDoS?

The objective of a DDoS attack is to put a website out of service, overloading the bandwidth of the servant or monopolizing its resources until run out them. The majority of the cases usually is attacks of level 7, the most elevated, based on the execution of a great number of requests PHP that saturate the system.

In order to face these attacks, CompuPrint incorporates of series a solution of mitigation based on technology VAC. One is an exclusive combination of techniques that analyze the traffic in real time at a high speed and, detecting and intercepting the attacks automatically and letting pass legitimate requests. In addition, the load distribution is realised of more effective form due to the PHP-FPM introduction, that allows that the servers react with greater rapidity. Thus the risk of saturation of the service is eliminated.

All the servers of CompuPrint benefit, by defect of the automatic mitigation of the DDoS attacks, in case of attack (mitigation reactivates).


disponbilidadHigh Availability

Hosting Web counts on the technologies more outposts to offer one of the lifted qualities on watch more. CompuPrint uses a solid infrastructure.


The storage of the data of its websites is realised in file servers of high performance with several tens of hard disks.

Web servers and of mail

More than 1,000 servers exclusively dedicated to the space Web they work in parallel thanks to some distributing of load in redundancy to deal with requests the internauts.

In case of damaging some servant, the distribution of load and the redundancy assure to him that the website will follow available. Without you cut, without slope of the speed… everything is transparent. Thanks to this system, we can guarantee an availability of the websites of 99.8%. This is what we called “discharge availability?.

And we applied to the same principle of storage and distribution of load to the servers who manage the e-mail.


php-optimizationOptimization PHP-FPM

Pages up to 7 faster times with PHP-FPM.

Thanks to the innovations that we have contributed to the architecture of our platform with the aim of providing one better experience from user to the websites of all our clients, in CompuPrint there are including technology FPM in all our services Web. According to our tests, it allows to obtain a faster access 7 times of average than in hosting identical but without this optimization. And some users inform into a yield up to 10 times superior!

What is PHP-FPM?

A request PHP, one of the extended computer science languages more in Internet, consists of the interpretation of archives or scripts associates, resorting to elements and actions that must be executed. By defect, a file PHP is read in the same way and independently in each request, without considering if a previous request has already been sent.

With PHP-FPM, the elements and instructions invoked in a request they are conserved in the memory, that is to say, they keep in the cache of the servant, thus to be able to reuse them directly if that same request returns to be sent.

Of this form, the file server receives less requests, which implies a reduction of the load in the machine (“you praise average?) and one better availability of the resources to carry out other tasks.

Concretely, when the action of a visitor of the site originates a request to the system, the PHP interpreter must activate, to keep in memory, to enumerate the elements necessary, to find them, to verify if the code is valid… And, finally, when everything is ready, he executes the instruction. With PHP-FPM, all these operations they keep in the servant, reason why its interpretation is much more fast, like the consultation of the corresponding page.


solutions-1clicSolutions 1 Click

When contracting its lodging Web with CompuPrint, will have gratuitous access to the solutions WordPress, PrestaShop and Joomla among others, from the Control Panel/area of clients

To create a website, with 1 Click?

It creates his website using popular and recognized tools as Joomla or WordPress, and even his stores online with PrestaShop.

The installation becomes in a click without needing filling in the tedious habitual forms. Thus it will be able to be concentrated in the content of his website and to publish it in Internet before.

At any time it can resort to the great community of each project, that will as much help him in technical aspects as aesthetic or to contact with our technical support, which will be enchanted to help him in his doubts.


A blog (contraction of “Web log? in English) allows to take a newspaper him in Internet and to add photos, videos, music… for example WordPress


It creates his website, of simple form and practices with a CMS as Joomla/Drupal…, without having to know in depth, the programming languages Web.


It wants to open his business of sale online? It creates his store with payment, shopping cart by Internet, prestashop can be his solution 1 click…


certificates SSLCertificates SSL

Certificate SSL of CompuPrint protects the flow of information transmitted between their website and the users who visit it. They allow in addition to establish the confidence with his potential clients, when guaranteeing to them the confidentiality of the transferences of information and the security that it provides that its domain is lodged in CompuPrint.

Improvement of the positioning

The sites protected with SSL enjoy advantages for their positioning in the pages of results, among other things, search, according to has announced Google, that already includes the coding of the sites between its criteria of positioning.

What see the users who visit my website?

In the navigators, certificate SSL of CompuPrint activates the protocol “https? and shows a padlock in the bar of directions, indicating of its visitors who all the transactions are based and are confidential, and that the direction of its website is authenticated. Thus their users will know that they can conduct his sensible battles with tranquillity.

The management of the certificate is automatic and it does not require any action. To only ask for it, and automatically we will settle it within reduced time, in his hosting. The access to its website will be protected in a matter of minutes.

It can directly acquire and install a certificate SSL from his Area of client Web (for the SSL destined to a Web plan hosting). Option SSL also is compatible with the products that have option IP You praise Balancing, servers VPS and And-Commerce solutions/Store Online (these you complete we advised to always use a certificate SSL, when dealing with data usuary clients/.)


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