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validacion_dominioValidation of Domain

The validation of certificate SSL will be realised by means of a mail associated to your domain, this way it will be completed in a few minutes and you will be able to have your certificate SSL quickly.

How work the domain does validation?
The Validation of Dominio or Domain Validation (DEV) is the fastest verification at the time of generating a certificate SSL, due to the simplicity of this verification you will be able to have your certificate SSL in a few minutes. In order to take to end the verification it will be enough with responding to an e-mail that is sent of automated form to your account of mail. The admitted accounts of mail are: , ,

Note: (It obligatorily does not have to create the new email address for the validation, can create an alias with any account of present mail.)

Important: It is not possible to validate domains with activated privacy WHOIS, this is because the mail is sent to the mail account that appears in the WHOIS. In case of using a service of Private WHOIS you will have to temporarily deactivate it when carrying out your request.


Seal Safe Site

comodo_siteseal What is a SiteSeal?

The SiteSeal are images that you can add to your website, with them you can inform to your visitors on the type of security on which it counts the connection when they accede to your page.

Once addition, the potential clients will be able to know automatically that the website counts on a based connection, increasing its confidence at the time of carrying out possible purchases or introducing sensible data.

Types of SiteSeal

Two types different from SiteSeal, the Dynamic SiteSeal Static and the SiteSeal exist, first are static images that provide the information to the visitor on the type of coding available, however the seconds allow to show information in real time on the certificate type, following the contracted certificate you will have a certificate or another one.


validacion_por_empresaValidation by Company

The Validation of Company or Business Validation (VB) consists of, in addition to validating the domain, also sending data regarding your company.


Certificates SSL of validation by company need additional data to complete their emission, for it will be necessary to validate the domain by means of an e-mail, to present company documents and to respond to a telephone call that will realise the company in charge of the emission of contracted certificate SSL.

As It works?
·Paso1: Validation of the domain (By means of e-mail been worth the direction of your domain)
·Paso2: Shipment of documentation of the company (necessary documentation CIF or license of opening)

·Paso3: Telephone call (in charge organization will come to verify the veracity of the data, by means of verification of telephone call to I number available in data bases you publish.)


What is a Certificate Wildcard?

Certificates SSL Wildcard are very useful in case you want to use multiple subdomains under a same domain and IP, this way you will be able to add security SSL to all the subdomains of your domain with an only certificate SSL.
Thanks to the certificate Wildcard you could add SSL to subdomains as:

The verification and creation of a certificate Wildcard work, of the same form that the normal certificate of a single domain, but with the advantage that can be used in all the subdomains, of the main domain.



Certificate SSL Free

Test during 90 days a certificate SSL free, you will be able to add it and to use it with normality in a matter of minutes, under your own domain, without no type of additional cost. With this certificate of test you will be able to obtain and to prove a totally real certificate SSL in one of your domains.

This certificate SSL of test contains the following characteristics:

·Validation of domain: It is only necessary to verify a confirmation code that will be sent to an email of your domain, to obtain the certificate.

·Emission express: Because the validation process is automatic, you will be able to install and to prove in your Web this certificate in a matter of minutes.

·Support for 1 Domain: With this certificate of test you will be able to protect a domain. It works as much with “www? as without them.

·A certificate by domain: When being a test certificate, it is only possible to obtain a certificate of this type by domain.



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