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Introduction: what is one landing page

One landing page or landing page is a webpage that is thought to turn to the visitors about visits or contacts. Usually they are very simple, perhaps a single screen, and all the efforts are centered in which call to action or the call to the action to enter or to buy a product that is very clear. It is the objective of the company that we register ourselves to obtain more data? Perhaps what it is tried it is to sell some product? Whatever intention, must be clear dazzling with only a look of the visitor.

One landing page or constructed allows to turn the users into possible clients, or at least, who get to be extremely interested in our services or products. Since we have mentioned, the message must be very clear as well as the intention of the company when publishing a certain landing page. Doing good landing pages can be quite complicated, because in very little space it is necessary to condense of attractive form several concepts, prioritizing the action that is expected of the user. When one begins in this business lies down to be complicated the life, and sometimes, everything is much more simple. For that reason the question is pertinent: how we can optimize our landing pages? That is to say, what we can learn on the concept landing page optimization?

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We have reached the conclusion that in Spain it is easier to find somebody than claims to be community to manager (CM) that sand in the desert. If we see Linkedin, the profiles in Spain people with knowledge in digital marketing and experts community manager is as the languages, all say spoken and written level of “English: high level?, but the majority does not know to conjugate the verb “To sees?.

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WhatsApp totally happens to be free.

Jan Koum, Co-creator of WhatsApp, have announced during an event in Munich that the company will stop acquiring the annual dollar of the subscription to the service, a measurement that in the past provoked a great controversy when it started up in March of 2013.

The company comprises of Facebook from February of 2014, and its growth has continued being amazing: at the moment it counts with more than 900 million active users, and although that purchase seemed to aim at the introduction of publicity in the platform, that had not taken place. Its model, says Koum, is now another one.

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