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The Uptime Institute classifies datacenters in four categories: Tier I, II, III and IV. These categories correspond to the guarantees that offer as far as the type of hardware that uses datacenter to guarantee its redundancy.

SLA Tier Servers

Tier I - Availability: 99.67% 28.8 hours of interruption to the year Without redundancy

Tier II - Availability: 99.75% 22 hours of interruption to the year partial Redundancy

Tier III - Availability: 99.982% 1.6 hours of interruption to the year N+1 Redundancy

Tier IV - Availability: 99.995% 0.8 hours of interruption to the year Redundancy 2N+1

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certificates SSL security

300,000 million of emails are sent about to the day in the world, so to choose a good service of e-mail it is fundamental. For that reason if the mail becomes a key piece of your work, or you are independent or a company, agrees to reflect on the benefits and advantages that offer the different suppliers and applications to you from mail. And what is more important, which really adapts to which you need, without extra additions and having to accept uncomfortable functionalities or limitations.

We give 5 reasons to contract Professional Mail you Exchange

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It takes the judgment against the “dome of Anonymous? in Spain


Today it takes the judgment against the “dome of Anonymous? in Spain. Three are the defendant who feel in the bench to give continuity to this process, first in their class in the Spain, that will determine its culpability in the perpetrated computer science attack against the Web of the Congress, the one of the Central Electoral Meeting and the one of the UGT in May of 2011 with intention to block them and to prevent their access to the citizens.

Along with it, also one accuses of the participation in the assault and blockade to them of several Webs of multinational companies as Sony, of virtual equipment of banks as the BBVA or Bankia or of webpages of controversial governments as those of Egypt, Libya, Iran or Algeria. Although these supposed participation have become by association to the world-wide group of Anonymous.

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