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Certificate SSL Multidominio Extra Wildcard


We present the first one and only certificate SSL Multidominio + Wildcard of the market, already is possible to add to coding SSL to multiple domains and limitless subdomains with an only certificate. The Multi-Domain Certificate Wildcard SSL will allow to add you to certificate SSL from 3 to 100 domains, next to its limitless subdomains, as always with the guarantee of certificates SSL CompuPrint. Forget you to have to manage multiple certificates SSL, add to security SSL to all domains or subdomains with an only certificate.

You will be able to add security SSL with an only certificate to up to 100 domains of the type:

  • *, *, *
  • or
  • exchange.tudomino.local
  • and many more.

Certificates SSL Multidominio Extra Wildcard are perfect for companies with multiple websites, that want to have a certificate SSL to each of them, without needing buying multiple certificates. You will be able to buy the certificate stops up to 100 domains, although the Multi-Domain Certificate Wildcard SSL is equipped with 3 basic domains, you can add more up to 97 domains, all of them, next to his respective subdomains, will be included this way under the same certificate.

In addition, the Multi-Domain Certificate Wildcard SSL supports subject alternative yams, also calls “Unified Communication Certificates? (UCC). These were developed for products Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server. The certificate allows in addition local domains.

List of credits

  • Validation by Domain
  • Guarantee 10.000$
  • Coding >256Bits
  • Key 2048 Bits
  • Subdominio (Wildcard IF)
  • Multidominio x3 Domains
  • Barra Verde NO
  • Seal (Site Seal) static
  • Maximum number domains: 100
  • Years 1-3/SGC No
  • UCC (Unified Communication Certificates)
  • Gratuitous regeneration

Annual payment: 250€/año || Prices IVA NOT including

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