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Packages Marketing Social Networks
  • Objective: to create and to fortify your brand in the Social Networks

    We became your manager of social networks in Internet, invigorating and auditing your brand online; offering diverse contents to you, action and advice for, to give but force and it is present at of your business online, through the used social networks more at the moment, as for example: facebook, instagram, google+, to twitter, linkedin, etc. You do not stop using one of alive means with but success and of the market. Today we put to your reach the secret of the success in the social networks.

    • Daily Weekly updates/Facebook, to twitter, instagram, etc
    • Entrances of Blogs
    • Creation of profile/page to twiter, facebook or instragram
    • Revitalising text creation
    • Flyers paper + Flyer Video Free
    • Calling cards free
    • Management and usuary attention to Followers/
    • Management of publicity online (banners, sliders, photographic galleries, announcements, photo assemblies, apps movable, etc.)
    Basic cm
    4 updates Facebook/Instagram (1 Weekly)
    4 Twitter updates
    Creation page Facebook /Twitter
    Flyer printed free ** (2)
    Cards visit gratis*(1)
    Video to flyer free ***
    Cm Standard
    8 updates Facebook/Instagram (2 Weekly)
    8 Twitter updates/Blog
    Creation page Facebook/Twitter/Blog
    8 Google+/MyBusiness Updates
    Video to flyer free ***
    Cards visit gratis* (1)
    Flyer printed free ** (2)
    Cm Full
    12 updates Facebook/Instagram (3 Weekly)
    12 Twitter updates/Blog
    Creation Facebook/Twitter/Blog/Google+/Linkedin
    12 Google+/MyBusiness Updates
    Video to flyer free ***
    Cards visit gratis* (1)
    Flyer printed free ** (2)
    Attention usuary Free (3h/Semana)
    50% DCTO Web App Creation
    Premium cm
    24 updates Facebook/Instagram (6 Weekly)
    24 Twitter updates/Blog
    Creation Page Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Blog/Google+/Linkedin/Flickr/etc
    24 Google+/MyBusiness Updates
    Video to flyer free ***
    Calling cards/flyers gratis* (1)
    Attention usuary free (6h/Semana)
    Increase followers/Fans
    Web App creation free

    Ascending scalability of a plan to one superior/inferior of simple and fast form
    Also packs of publicity is possible to buy several, for example the one of SEO Google, to add but to effectiveness and diversification of the positioning and commercial strategy online.

    Creation of Original content 100%
    (1)* 100 printed 100 Calling cards and (2) ** Flyers for Annual hiring
    *** Production and publication Flyer Video for semester hirings or superiors
    Optional hiring attention and answer to additional users, for the different social networks +35€/Hora
    If they realise the Web with us packs has a discount of a 10% on all the first year

01. Search clients for You

We know where they are your clients and we know the way to direct them to your business, for more traffic and visits on your Webs.

02. Ideas

Our creativity and up-to-date strategies of marketing, are combined to produce the greater yield for your campaigns online.

03. We take care of your Mercado

We verify the connection of the clients with your products and his answer, we looked for the suitable solution of marketing your objectives.

04. Your texts will be the News

Every month we will ask for raw material, texts, photos, etc to you; that we will analyze and use in the updates.

05. Weekly frequency

We will create, frequently weekly, the corresponding updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and news/blog.

06. Original design

We design specific content, 100% original one for you and your social networks, thus we obtained much but attention: logo, banners, sliders, etc.

Questions on Management of Social Networks/Community Manager

So that to choose to us

From 1999 we grow with our clients, or are nascent or webmasters. Our qualified support, that by hand works hand with developer and administrators, will help to take to good term its projects him Web.

Thanks to our permanent innovation, we developed to solutions Web that allow to a great freedom of configuration, with supplies, escalables and with benefits to size guaranteed. The modules that we offer will allow him to create their site in a click, and will be able to manage all services easily (hosting, domains, mail…) from its area of client.

What plan of Web hosting/VPS to choose?

With his 2.5 Tbps of bandwidth, we used an optical fiber global network, in which our international development leans, opens the doors to him of the freeways of Internet without speed restrictions. For that reason they trust us of clients more and more anywhere in the world.

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Our Hosting Soporta

Data bases Mysql
PHP 5x, JS, Java and .NET


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