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Resellers program/Affiliates - commission to recommend to us -

3 simple steps to make money in line. While more people you recommend, more prizes and money you will receive.

  1. Register and obtén to you your link of reference. If you are already client, it accedes to your area of clients and registers to you as affiliate. If you are not client registers to you here. After the registry, he dates from high as affiliate and he looks for your link of special reference. He sends that connection to others or he inserts a link in your webpage, blog, etc. Once they realise the purchase in, you will receive your commission. Whatever more people you refer, but money and better gifts you will receive!
  2. The USA ours banners and/or showy announcements. Our attractive and clean banners will attract the attention of visitors and generates a high percentage of click. It chooses the one that more you like within your area of affiliate, add it to your website and enjoy the registries.
  3. It receives prizes and money. Simply it recommends sufficient active users to ask for substantial commissions, brilliant gifts, such as hosting or VPS free, improvements of plans free to TOP or payments in commissions from 30€ to 239,88€. It remembers that the COMMISSION, is pleased more in one go, is APPELLANT, whenever the client pays annual a monthly payment/your you receive your commission.

Desire money with your webpage

To make money by Internet is very easy with CompuPrint, in addition it is a gratuitous system 100% and when registering in our system of affiliates, we gave 5,00€ to you of credit in your account.

At the moment that you register yourself as affiliate, we will provide a series to you of banners pre-designed of diverse sizes and colors, also you will count on your own link/affiliate code to use it as you prefer.

By each sale realised with your code you will obtain the commission corresponding to the affiliate level. When it has exceeded 30€ you will be able to directly retire your money to your bank account or Paypal. In addition if you are client you will be able to turn the gains into credits that will allow to contract and to renew your products you of CompuPrint.

Also we offer gifts to you as for example by each 15 clients referred who contract hosting or VPS you will free of charge receive hosting or VPS for you, without trap nor cardboard 100% Free.

Table of Commissions
Level Percentage References
BRONZE 5%-10% 1-25
SILVER 10-15% + 5% (domains)  25-100
GOLD 12-20% + 10% (domains) 100 or but
GIFT: in all the levels by each 15 references of hosting/VPS, you will receive hosting/VPS FREE

Reseller Bronze > Hosting Standard> Commission of 2,4€
Reseller Bronze > VPS Standard > Commission of 12,08€
Reseller Silver > Hosting TOP > Commission of 14,4€
Reseller Gold > VPS Enterprise 50 > Commission of 43,98€

All the information on the plan to reseller/affiliate here

01. Excellent commissions

By each person that you refer, you will be able to win until a 20% of commission of the purchase, you could gain 83€ in a single sale +Info

02. Easy to use

We give to a link of affiliate and great variety you of Banners so that your you publish in your Web and you attract referred. +Info

03. Entrance Appellant

The best thing, the commission is not only pleased once, is appellant. Meaning that your desire whenever a person pays to her monthly instalment or annuity.

What you must make to participate?

  • You only need to enter your Clients Area and to go to the section “Affiliates?. Soon it activates your account of Affiliate and you will have access to your personal communication and your banners of affiliate. If you do not have access to our Clients Area and want to begin to make money, Register to you Here Places your connection in your Web and post office, or compártelo with your well-known ones. Banners in your Website places ours. You can refer visitors to us of the form who you prefer.

NOTE: Promotions nonapplicable to pack cumulative micron nor to another in force.

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