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Terms of the Service

Terms of the Service

Lea kindly the following terms of the service and if this in agreement with them accepts, in case of not agreeing we requested eliminates his account of user, the system automatically will erase the user accounts that spent 10 days do not accept the terms of the service.

- > General Terms of the service: >>Pulse Here

- > particular Conditions Names of Domains: >>Pulse Here

- > particular Conditions Domains .es >>Pulse Here

- > particular Conditions Certificates SSL >>Pulse Here

- > particular Conditions Servant VPS >>Pulse Here

- > Conditions Hosting >>Pulse Here

- > Conditions Affiliate/Reseller >>Pulse Here

- > Legal Warning >>Pulse Here

Lea furthermore kindly in the section of help, payments and procedures, in addition to the general conditions.
All hiring of services through our Web is in force by these terms on watch that will be shown and accepted specifically by the client, with each order of order/renovation.

IMPORTANT CompuPrint Services Web, is not forced to realise backup of the mail, neither of the data of the same, nor either of the space Web and/or servers VPS, reason why in case of corruption, it attacks external, hackeo or eliminated accidental of the data base of mail/Web, it does not take responsibility of the lost one of data the same. She is the final client I complete person in charge of the data, contents of his email, space Web and of backup copies of the same. As it can see in the conditions of the service: hosting shared (lodging plans) and VPS are realised backup of all the following the set out stipulations in Backup copies, we also remembered to him that we offer for the VPS a space to him of backup, to realise their backup copies. CompuPrint will as far as possible collaborate in the restoration of its data in case of attack hacker, lost or accidental erasure, being able to apply to costs or tariffs on the data retrieval. We also remembered the importance to him that it has to make backup copy of its data in its information systems.

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