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  • Your professional Store online

    You will be able to sell your products of the form easiest in Internet and to have your own business online. You can choose the model of Store Online that better adapts to your needs. Each version includes the characteristics of previous the +ampliaciones. You will be able to associate your domain to him and to climb to the following category when you need it.

    • Support 24x7 Telf/Email
    • Domain Including Free
    • Mail Web - Webmail
    • Compatible with smartphones
    • Anti-virus/AntiSPAM
    • Monitored store 24x7
    • I number of Limitless products
    • Certificates of security SSL
    • High in Gratis* Finders
    • Adaptation LOPD Gratis*
    • +200 Designs to your disposition
    • ** TLD available Free (it is, com, net,, info, org, the USA…)
    And-Commerce VALUE
    High Initial 10 Products + Limitless Products
    Personalisation Logo/Colors (simple basic Design/)
    Module Paypal Payment/Banking Transference
    Module of Shipment/Imposed
    20 Limitless Post office/Emails + Webmail
    3GB Space/Option HTTPS
    Name of Domain Free **
    And-Commerce Stand.
    High Initial 30 Products + Limitless Products
    Personalisation chosen by the client (Design Standard)
    Module Paypal Payment/Banking Transference/Card
    Module of Shipment/Imposed
    Limitless post office/Emails + Webmail
    6GB Space/CERT. SSL/HTTPS Free
    Name of Domain Free **
    Altan in finders Free (Valued in 50€)
    And-Commerce Pro
    High Initial 50 Products + Limitless Products
    Personalisation chosen by the client (Premium+ Design)
    Module Payment Paypal/Transf. Banking/Card/Electronic Bank
    Module of Shipment/Imposed
    Limitless post office/Emails + Webmail
    Limitless GB Space/CERT. SSL/HTTPS Free
    Adaptation LOPD Free (Valued in 79€)
    Name of Domain Free **
    Altan in finders Free (Valued in 50€)

    Ascending scalability of a plan to one superior of simple and fast form
    For monthly-Quarterly payment, permanence of 24 Months.
    Prices IVA NOT including || To see conditions of use of the service || Domains including 1er year **
    (In case of terminating before the term of permanence, it will have to pay the remaining months)
    According to chosen form of payment, ** can entail quota of discharge

01. Independent space

The space of the Stores Online is independent of the rest of Webs, therefore you will gain security and speed in your virtual store +Info

02. Safe forms Payment

Forms of payment by means of protocol of security SSL: Paypal, Transf. Banking, Tarj Credit, etc. Security for you and your clients +Info

03. High Availability 24x7

Your open store 24H, receiving clients and orders, optimized with outposts technologies to offer discharge availability and security +Info

04. High Initial Products

We helped you to introduce your first products. Later also we can, to continue adding to products by you +Info

05. Compatible with Mobiles

Our store online, is compatible 100% with movable devices, tables and smartphones +Info

06. Visible for Finders

Optimized for finders, Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. So that they find you easily. +75€ Google Adwords free +Info

Questions on Stores Online/Solutions Electronic Commerce

What Store Online to choose?

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Our Hosting Soporta

Data bases Mysql
PHP 5x, JS, Java and .NET


disponbilidadSpace independent Web

You have a space independent Web of the rest of Webs, lodged in CompuPrint, you will have a VPS (Virtual Server Prevails to you) or Deprived Virtual Servant who this separated one and is totally independent of the rest of hosting and common Webs, for greater security, rapidity and reliability of its data.


The storage of the data of its websites is realised in independent servers, of high performance with several hard disks SSD in mirror, to avoid any lost one of data and thus to win in speed.

Certificate SSL

With certificates SSL of CompuPrint, you have the possibility of using a certificate SSL to protect the communications with your clients, and thus to give to major confidence to all operations online.


disponbilidadSafe forms of payment
The stores Online have different forms of payment safe, according to the chosen version, can be: paypal, banking transference, virtual TPV, Electronic Bank, Offline Payment, Check2out, etc

Our And-Commerce solutions/Store Online count on the extended solutions but of the market for the commerce online.


The platform of payment of paypal, but the safe one and extended given their integration with the majority of packages of electronic commerce that use the stores online, causes that it is an alternative very easy to use and to implement, and where we can receive payments of simple form. Paypal manages the operations right away, without sharing the financial information with the adressee. One of the safest forms to buy through Internet.

Virtual TPV

Tpv vitual is a specific contract between the bank and the store online, which allows to receive by means of which had credit cards or through Internet, using normally the footbridge of payment of the own bank. (It can have costs applied by the bank)

Banking transference

A banking transference is a simple movement of bottoms between the account of the buyer and the one of the company. A method that continues very being used in our country, due to the distrust of much people to introduce its banking data in Internet for whatever reason and prefers to make a banking transference by the post of the purchase.


disponbilidadHigh Availability

Hosting Web counts on the technologies more outposts to offer one of the lifted qualities on watch more. CompuPrint uses a solid infrastructure.


The storage of the data of its websites is realised in file servers of high performance with several tens of hard disks.

Web servers and of mail

More than 1,000 servers exclusively dedicated to the space Web they work in parallel thanks to some distributing of load in redundancy to deal with requests the internauts.

In case of damaging some servant, the distribution of load and the redundancy assure to him that the website will follow available. Without you cut, without slope of the speed… everything is transparent. Thanks to this system, we can guarantee an availability of the websites of 99.8%. This is what we called “discharge availability?.

And we applied to the same principle of storage and distribution of load to the servers who manage the e-mail.


alta_productosHigh Initial products

We realise the high product initial, to help you to begin with your store online, and we taught to you to introduce them, of a simple and effective form.

If you prefer it we can manage the store to you online, realising we low high them/of products, and thus be not worried to you totally of the management of your store online, you only must occupy to you, to make money while your store this opened 24H for everybody.

High of products Initial

We introduce the 10.30 or 50 initial products, according to the modality of And-Commerce that you find chosen, later you can choose to continue introducing them your, or to delegate that task in us, by means of a contract of maintenance of management of store online, customized and adapted to your needs and those of your business online.



Compatible with Mobiles
You want to be at any moment at the disposal of your clients?

The tendency of the world-wide market more and more is accentuated towards the growth of the traffic coming from movable devices, by your webpage also it must be optimized for smartphones and tablets. You do not worry, with our groups of adaptable design (responsive design), the aspect of the page will adapt automatically to any device, is smartphone, tablet or computer.

Movable version for your perfect store for smartphones and tablets

The movable stores are more and more important, since the users every time buy more from this type of devices. For that reason we offer in your store a version optimized for smartphones in which the users automatically see an adapted store the size of the screen. Thus, the clients will be able to buy from their sofa or while they travel.



Visible for Finders
We optimize your Web so that they find you in the finders

So that your webpage or lies down online appears in finders as Google is necessary to optimize it. That is to say, one is due to introduce texts with key words, to raise excellent content, to use the positioning tools (SEO) and to create external liaisons to your Web. In addition, the page will be due to update constantly. The positioning results depend mainly on this work.

High in Finders
We realise the discharge in finders of your store online *según chosen version

We free initiated this work by you, discharging from the hospital your Web in the finders and offering a balance promotion to you adwords, until 100€; soon to help you during this process, we can continue the work online, or you can continue it your, with us or any agency SEO of the market.


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