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    Management DNS/Anonimización
    Protection against robbery/DNSSEC Anti-Phising
    Acceleration DNS Anycast*
    Automatic renovation/Warnings lapsing
    Intuitive panel of easy management and
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    10 Megabyte Space Web
    Protection against robbery/DNSSeC Anti-Phising
    Management DNS/Anonimización
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    of Domains FREE
    For extensions: .es .pt .ch .de .pt .uk .un
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    Furthermore for UK: .uk .org .uk
    You will receive your pack Micron of Gift
    With all the services of habitual Domains
    Management DNS/Anonimización…

To transfer/To transfer Domain

To change of supplier and to come to bekkos: it is very easy!

It changes of supplier of fast and simple form, with professional technical support to your disposition in:

  1. First, you must ask your present recorder the unfreezing of the domain, for his transfer and furthermore that facilitates the AUTH-CODE/INFO to you.
  2. Next, you only have, to make a registry of domains standard of our webpage.
  3. It realises an order of Registry of domain, introducing the information of your domain and your data. It remembers to introduce the AUTH-CODE/INFO in commentaries of the order or the corresponding field, and you do not forget to ask for to your present recorder the unfreezing of the domain for his transfer.
  4. Once received the order, we will send the access data to your Area of client and you will be able to manage your services ahead but.
  5. If code AUTH-CODE/INFO of your domain has not been introduced during the order, you will be able to include it in the Area of client. In the form of transfer of domain in the section forms.
  6. You can request but associated services to the domain, hosting, certificate SSL, servant VPS, etc. With the unblocked domain and the AUTH-CODE/INFO, we were in charge of the rest.
  7. Important: He remembers that the transfer will arrive a series to you from e-mails at the administrative contact/technician having solicitd, you must accept doing it click in the link of the corresponding e-mail, so that we can continue the management of the transfer.

Supply Transference/Transfer domains .es and .uk Free. (as form of payment introduces TransferenciaBancaria, to use this supply)


During the process of change of supplier, we recommended to you that you use an alternative direction of email so that you do not stop being available at any moment and can keep the contents from your mail and your page, since these will not move with the domain. Once the domain correctly is activated with CompuPrint, you will be able to return to load the contents of the webpage in our datacenters.

Services Including with your domain

01. Hosting 10Megabyte

We offer a courtesy lodging to you so that you can keep a virtual calling card or your microweb +Info

02. Protection against robbery

We automatically block against the transference and robbery its domain, to avoid that any undesirable one seizes of him.

03. Anonimización

Privacy WHOIS, so that their data are not revealed to everybody. we maintain its privacy safe from Gratuitous form +Info

04. Management DNS

You will be able to manage your servers DNS from his area of clients, as well as to ask for changes in your zone DNS +Info

05. DNSSEC Anti-Phising

Safe protocol, that it allows to guarantee your visitors who are in the website wished and not in another malicious one (Anti-Phising).

06. E-mail

We make your available a courtesy email address, with 2GB of capacity (*** Pack Micron) +Info

Questions on Transference/Transfer of domains

Questions on Domains

I want to transfer my domain to bekkos I want To register my domain with bekkos

Monthly promotion - Amazon

Of the hand of CompuPrint, we offer to you you complete supplies and discounts in Amazon

Kitchen mhelp in the button TO OBTAIN PROMOS to have the best discounts in technology. You do not let them escape, are per limited time and with a discount special offered by bekkos, already including in the price.

To obtain Promos Amazon

Our Hosting Soporta

Data bases Mysql
PHP 5x, JS, Java and .NET


lodging Web free

Hosting 10Megabyte Free

Hosting Micron including, the essential to begin

With the Hosting plan Micron, that can include with its domain, and it will be able to activate from his area of client, CompuPrint offers a space to him 10 Web of Megabyte that allows him to create a simple website.

It consults our plans of hosting if it wishes to create a larger website (blog, lies down online, etc).


to hide gratuitous WHOIS

Anonimización Free

Service To hide Identity WHOIS. It protects his personal information in the WHOIS

What is the WHOIS?

The WHOIS allows to carry out searches in the data bases of the Registries. This service contains the direction, e-mail and phone number of the proprietor of the domains.

It protects his data

With service OWO, it can hide the data that wish in the WHOIS: direction, e-mail or phone number. CompuPrint guarantees to him that their data are not published nor are resold. This service is gratuitous and is available for the generic domains. For more information, consult to us

It follows in touch without disclosing his personal data

CompuPrint provides an account to him of mail OWO that replaces its personal direction in the WHOIS. This account, that has protection against the Spam, redirige all messages to its personal account, without disclosing its personal data to the visitors. The redirection is invisible while you therefore wish it. At any time it can return to show his personal direction.


to hide gratuitous WHOIS

Management DNS and DNSSEC

Services DNS + DNS Anycast + DNSSEC

We activate by defect in all the domains, Basic service DNS + DNSSEC to avoid breaks poisoning and blockade anti robbery, all these services free.

During the hiring or after the same, you can also choose, the DNS Anycast (accelerating DNS) so that your Web goes but fast

Servers and zone DNS

CompuPrint forms registries DNS optimized in our servers, if you want to make a change we consulted, or from your area of client you can change your servers of DNS to use others and from your Control Panel, it can change your zone DNS to adapt it to your needs


email free

E-mail Free

Your mail of customized

You will have a space of 2 GB to store its mail and will be able to consult its messages from its computer, his smartphone or any device with connection to Internet. Your account will be protected against the Spam and the virus.

We free of charge offer along with your domain an account to you of e-mail (POP/IMAP) with until 2GB of capacity (*** Pack Micron)


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If he does not have user, he can register itself now beating in Creating Account or to do it ahead but.


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