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VPS - Enterprise 50


The VPS are the ideal balance between a shared lodging, and a dedicated servant that usually are much more expensive. The range of VPS CompuPrint SSD allows him to manage its projects Web in servant surroundings, who will be able to administer with total autonomy, with a powerful Control Panel, simple and fast.

The VPS Enterprise 50, this thought for professional SMEs/or resellers that needs a servant VPS with power to lodge multiple domains with high service load. It has the power sufficient to lodge great projects of stores online, Webs of management events, management of contents CMS, groups of company, multicompanies, etc; with an average of visits and high needs. Really, any project that it requires but of power that a shared lodging and even needs several Webs or for remarketers of our services with a reasonable price by service.

List of credits

  • 50 Domains/Control Panel Plesk
  • ®/Vesta
  • Space 50GB Disco + 100 GB Backup
  • 2 Domains Free ** TLD available (it is, com, net,, info, org, the USA…)
  • 4x vCPU 2,4Ghz
  • 6 GB RAM (4GB RAM + 2GB RamBurst)
  • Disc SSD
  • Limitless Monthly transference
  • 150 Bases of Mysql data
  • Webmail (Mail Web)
  • Scripts PHP/CGI/Perl/Python
  • Access SSH/WEB/FTP
  • Certificate SSL Free
  • Automatic Backup
  • Connection 100Mbps/1Gbps

Monitored servant 24x7
(Monthly Price 23,99€)
Domain + CERT. SSL including in Annual Quarterly payment/** || *Anual payment 1 Month Free > Total End 263,89€/año)

Prices IVA NOT including || To see conditions of use of the service || Domains including 1er year **

Capacity Disc 80%

Capacity CPU 80%

Ram memory 80%

Capacity Domains 80%

Total power 80%

Compared with servant VPS TOP

To contract

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Data bases Mysql
PHP 5x, JS, Java and .NET



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